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Text for Page 197 [07-27-1852]

              another steep path, high, high up, and ever
present below you the abyss of white foam you
come to the extreme eastern front of Goat Is-
land, cross another bridge, to where, on
the verge of the great Horseshoe Fall, stands
a small tower, looking like a light house
but having no light.      That tower I ascend,
and then what a Sight!
The great curve of the Cataract is right beneath
you!     Rushing, plashing, driving pouring, 
hurrying terribly, remorselessly, madly on to that
most awful edge, then to plunge � 
down, down, down � into a such a caudron
of raging, driving spray as no tongue can
tell or mind conceive without witnessing the spot.
Rising up and up, misty, ghost-like, vast, 
ever changing, ever stirring vapour, giant like
looming up from that terrible vortex for ever               
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