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Text for Page 212 [07-30-1852]

              your head [unclear words] they [unclear words] you.
  It is bathing in them.  The water, mist and
raging spray is almost as great as under the Horse Shoe
Fall, though not of such continuance.    Having
passed, I crept up to the commencement of the next
fall, but such was the world of raging water
that I could scarce see aught.   So returning to
my guide who had crouched under an overarching
stone formed cave, (poor fellow � he said he had
to go under the water more than was good for him)
I tarried awhile, looking at the rainbows, then
back, up the slippery path & to the hut again,
where two women were impatiently waiting, one in-
tending to go beneath the Fall; which she did,
in a sort of aquatic Bloomer Costume, looking rather
shyly round as she came out in it.  /      I
followed the rocky path on the other side of the
Staircase tower, and by dint of some clambering
reached the waters edge at the foot of the Horse-
shoe Fall.   Here was another sublime view.  The
rocks were all black and wet, and the driving
spray scattered far and wide, drenching you through.
Had a good view of the bottom of the fall, � the
great rocks which have tumbled over.  Here for
two hours or more, � another circular
rainbow.   Return and bed at about 8.
  31. Saturday.  To different Railway Depot,
having resolved on being off for Genessee, and hunting
up Mr Hall & sons.    Found out the best way.
Having to start at 1/2 past 2, I went to have
a farewell morning at the Cataract.  Principally
on the tower.  There rushing and raging on, 
plashed the Great Cataract even as it will do               
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