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Text for Page 026 [07-19-1853]

latter stayed not long, going to bed, musquitos & the boarding-house in
Vesey Street where Waud & Damoreau abide.         Anon Dillon came,
and presently Damoreau, who told us, (in confidence,) how he was
to get married at Saint Paul�s on Sunday next, bidding us be
present.       Rooms taken in Brooklyn whither they go to, quietly,
saying naught of the newly-consummated ceremony.
  20. Wednesday.  Drawing till 2.       Dined with Mr Hart at
Erford�s.     Down town together, to Picayune Office, then Millers, then
to Jersey.    Called for Dillon at Talcot�s Office, and all to the
little Bath where we had a dip.     Supped with them, and in
room afterwards.      To New York and Erfords with Mr Hart by 9.
Waud came, in his �Gymnastic Cadet Regimentals.�     Left him at
his boarding house at Vesey Street, (where Madame Beatrice Prideaux,
Mrs Charles F Damoreau that is to be, was playing & singing in the
parlor; � we heard, but saw her not.)            I accompanied Hart
to Ferry house, then to room & bed.
  21.  Thursday.  Article in the �Times�.       Drawing on wood all
day.   Welden called at noon.          Evening Waud came up.  /     I
to Mulberry Street, supped there, stayed till 8 1/2.   Walking
down the Bowery, passing the theatre of that name, spied on the 
huge placards announcing Goodall�s benefit the intimation that it was
to be graced by �a young lady, � her first appearance on any stage.�
Oh Lotty! you little humbug, you!                      Found Mr Hart
& Dillon at Erfords.         Neagle joined us, anon.      Parted at 10,
and I to my room, & scribbling.
  22.  Friday.   In doors nearly all day.    Writing Letter No 2
for the �Times.�    Welden called.        I dined at Goslings, getting               
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