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Text for Page 041 [08-06-1853]

              6.  Saturday. Heaven�s windows opened, and drenching
rain pouring therefrom sans pity.    Through it down town, after
breakfasting at Sweeney�s.       At the �Daily Times� Office. Wilson
there, asked me when I start for Mackinac, spoke of the
voyage around lake Superior to take place from Detroit, steam
boat excursion of pleasure, ten days or more, traversing 1000 miles
and exploring places where paddle-wheel has never yet ruffled water.
Spots notable in travellers stories, Picture Rocks, Copper Regions,
Iron Mountains, Thunder Cape ad Islands.     Finally pro-
posed that I should go as Times Correspondent! Hurrah!
So I am to see Raymond about it on Monday, if he coin-
cides, I go.       Thrice blessed be the notion I had of writing certain
picturesque Catskill letters for the Times !     /        To Picayune,
then Wells & Webbs.    Returned with a monstrous heap of box-
wood, and got drenched throughout.      Room, and work, dining
at Erford�s as usual, and meeting Negle there.    Drawing hard.
Waud up once.    Whytal came at 6, and soon gan talk about
Lotty.    He has left her, and he says, finally.    He ran
into a long statement touching it.     Firstly about money matters,
that since he�d been in New York he�d been at heavy expenses,
had to pay off some $200 of debt, which he had effected. That
paying nurse to tend on the child its mother would not cost $15
a month.      That Lotty�s demands for money were very frequent,
but never refused if he had it.      That she did no wife�s duty,
linen unmended and shirt-buttons having to be sewn on by
him.    That he had no home, and no wife, for of an
evening she would be card-playing or entertaining visitors.               
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