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Baker, f.; Gadd, L.l.;... (1)
Bishop, H.r.; 1939 (1)
Brown, H.a.; 1927 (1)
Butterworth, G.a.; Mcg... (1)
Coxe. E.h.; 1923 (1)
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1. BS0831 BS0831 Herr, G.D.; Schroedl; Edwards, Y.B.; Reese, L.P.R.; Mohr, W.H.; Davies, T.R.; Tice, H.W.; Cox, H.R.; 1910-11 Copy; includes info.

2. BS0300 BS0300 Baker, F.; Gadd, L.L.; Thurston, J.W.; Keys, J.; Okeson, Walter Raleigh; Stratford, H.R.; Houston, E.A.; Best, J.W.; Roderick, T.C.; Wooden, W.H.; McClung, M.; Ordway, G.; Floyd, R.D.; Trafton, C.E.; 1893 Copy

3. BS0430 BS0430 Butterworth, G.A.; McGrath, P.L.; Keiser, H.D.; Hanway, P.S.; Carlson, H.S.; Burke, James Michael; Morrissey, M.A.; 1915-16 7 men; copy

4. BS0966 BS0966 Savenson; Buckley; Blunt; MacFarland; Gjersten; Denman, J.; Banks, H.C.; Denman, H.; Millar; Mosman; Semple; VanderHorst; Ferriday; 1891 Copy; includes info.

5. BS1583 BS1583 Godshalk; Reynolds; Stauffer, C.R.; Buck; Robinson, M.W.; Burke; O'Neil; Nutting; Martin; Stauffer, W.K.; Kittinger; Raleigh; Lewis; Schwimmer; Hess; Lister; Law, J.G.; Pakenheim; Robinson, H.W.; Widdowfield; Roberts; Law, H.; Miller; 1926 Copy

6. BS0316 BS0316 Wood; Smith, J.H.; Smith, E.C.; Black; Knox; Smith, R.P.; Kitchell; Martin; Schenck; Gordon; Treat; Cox; Billheimer; Reese; Reard; Lawson; Wylie; 1909 Copy

7. BS0336 BS0336 Tate, A.A.; Savalsky; Fitzpatrick; Kugler; Fortman; Orecne; Shelly; Crichton; Demerast; Robb, A.D.; Peck; Halsted, C.E.; Clauss; Robb, E.H.; Baker; Morse; O'Brien; Polk; Ock; Kight; 1932 Copy

8. BS0378 BS0378 Cunningham, D.S.; Hamilton, A.H.; Hang, A.A.; Kanaly, Morris E.; Lasher; Fine; Freeman; Ridsdale; Maxwell; Aitken; Laudig; Chickering; Askin; 1925 13 men; copy

9. BS0725 BS0725 Hartung, P.H.; 1959 Copy ca. 1958; includes info.

10. BS0749 BS0749 Davidson, P.H.; 1958 Copy ca. 1957; includes info.

11. BS0788 BS0788 Dalling, R.H.; 1934 Copy ca. 1933; includes info.

12. BS0801 BS0801 Coxe. E.H.; 1923 Copy ca. 1922; includes info.

13. BS0808 BS0808 Thomas, C.H.; 1916 Copy ca. 1915; includes info.

14. BS0842 BS0842 Sheridan; Saltzman; Carlisle; Read; Moorehouse; Heikes; Gihon; Schwarzbach; Coxe, E.H.; Warriner; Shoemaker; 1922 Copy; includes info.

15. BS0917 BS0917 Roberts, P.E.; Roberts, C.M.; Baldwin; Gallagher; Croll; Schaub, E.H.; Weinstein; Hess; Smith; Staub, C.M.; 1924-25 Copy; includes info.

16. BS0918 BS0918 Roberts; Lister; Harrier; Staub, E.H.; Staub, C.M.; Weinstein; Billmeyer; Smith; 1925, 1926 Copy; includes info.

17. BS0919 BS0919 Geary, R.; De Moyer; Schaub, E.H.; Hesse; Harrier; Berman; Schaub, C.M.; Smith, C.L.; Billmeyer; 1926-27 Copy; includes info.

18. BS1736 BS1736 Gildersleeve, G.H.; Estes, E.W.; Beck; Warner, C.W.; 1920 Copy

19. BS0431 BS0431 McGrath, P.L.; Evans; Hanway, P.S.; Carlson, H.S.; Burke, James M.; Morrissey, M.A.; 1915 6 men; copy

20. BS0729 BS0729 Stevens, P.; Parker, L.P.; Eby, R.; Ehlers, H.; 1962 Copy ca. 1961; includes info.
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results 1-20 of 36 item(s)  page 1 of 2 : ( <<  1  2  >> ) :: previous : next
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