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Subject - Name
Rossin, Peter C. (38)
Moore, Ledlie Dominick (34)
Richards, Charles Russ (16)
Iacocca, Lee (14)
Karakash, John (11)
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Year Range
1990-1995 (150)
1970-1980 (42)
1903-1907 (32)
1985-1995 (27)
1960-1970 (23)
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 Image: Reference: Subject - Name: Description / Note:

121. Football-03-53 Football-03-53 Lewis, W. Deming; Whitehead, John C. President W. Deming Lewis and Coach John C. Whitehead talking with a third man

122. Football-03-54 Football-03-54 Whitehead, John C. Coach John C. Whitehead speaking at a podium

123. Football-03-55 Football-03-55 Jaszemski, Michael; Whitehead, John C. Michael Jaszemski shaking hands and receiving an award from Coach John C. Whitehead

124. Football-03-56 Football-03-56 Whitehead, John C. Coach John C. Whitehead posing in front of the Lehigh football team

125. Football-03-57 Football-03-57 Whitehead, John C. John C. Whitehead talking to someone out of frame and standing next to a woman. Note in back says: "Connery Texas '77"

126. Football-03-58 Football-03-58 Kreider, Steve; McQuilken, Kim Steve Kreider and Kim McQuilken standing on a football field

127. Football-03-59 Football-03-59 Yeich, Harold Portrait of Harold Yeich. Note on back says "Harold Yeich Chemical Engineering"

128. Football-03-60 Football-03-60 Cooley, Michael Portrait of Coach Michael Cooley.

129. Football-03-61 Football-03-61 Sawtelle, George Portrait of George Sawtelle '17 standing in football garments

130. Football-03-62 Football-03-62 Noel Football player with unknown full name posing on football field with ball in arms. Note on back says "Noel"

131. Football-03-63 Football-03-63 Bockrath, Robert Football player, Robert Bockrath, posing on football field with ball in hands. The number on the jersey is 89.

132. Football-03-64 Football-03-64 Craze, Charles Football player, Charles Craze, poses on football field. The Jersey number is 50. Note on back says "Charles Craze Sr., Center, Kingston, Pa."

133. Football-03-65 Football-03-65 DeNoia, John John DeNoia posing on football field with football in hand. Jersey number is 24. Note on back says "John DeNoia, Quarterback - Sr. - "

134. Football-03-66 Football-03-66 DeVinney, Bill Football player, Bill DeVinney, posing on football field. Note on back says "Bill DeVinney, Tackle Sr."

135. Football-03-67 Football-03-67 Tench, John Football player, John Tench, poses on football field. Note on back of photo says "John Tench, Tackle - Sr."

136. Football-03-68 Football-03-68 Seven football players posing on field

137. Football-03-69 Football-03-69 Walton, Joe End Joe Walton grabs pass against Delaware

138. Football-03-70 Football-03-70 Yeich, Hal; Draucken; Hunieweik Lehigh football tri-captains Draucken, Hunieweik, and Yeich wearing suits standing in front of Lehigh banner.

139. Football-03-71 Football-03-71 The 1964 Freshman Football Team posed on football field. Note on the back says "1964 Frosh Football Squad"

140. Football-03-72 Football-03-72 1964(?) Football Team posed in bleachers in football stadium
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results 121-140 of 1591 item(s)  page 7 of 80 : ( <<  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  >> ) :: previous : next
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