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Subject - Name
1975 (86)
Rossin, Peter C. (38)
Moore, Ledlie Dominick (34)
Neville, Harvey (33)
Lewis, W. Deming (Will... (25)
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Year Range
1960? (1030)
1950? (573)
1970? (394)
1985? (197)
1990-1995 (164)
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1. F8746 F8746 Gao, Yongming; Korsos, Monika; Hadlow, Robert, Historian; Ussler, Christine; Theodoropoulos, Christine; Chamberlin, William; DeLony, Eric #21, Gao, Yongming of People's Republic of China. International Students Orientation, 8/20/91, Whitaker Lobby. Neg. 23-34. 1991-Cast and Wrought Iron Bridge Documentation Project Presentation. Chandler-Ullmann...

2. CX394 CX394 (before addition) from SE (can see cars in lot at east end of building)

3. BS0318 BS0318 Wylie; Knox; Crichton; Blanco; Flick; 1911-12 (can't read names) copy

4. BS0319 BS0319 1912-13 (can't read names) copy

5. BS1584 BS1584 1927 (can't read names) copy

6. CX402 CX402 Dravo, Francis Rouaud; Pettinos, George F.; Ledoux, John Walter; Browin, C.E.; Bevan, E.L.; Buck, Charles Austin; Smith, Frank S.; Zimmele, Charles Frederick; 1887 (donated 1996)

7. CX318 CX318 McGunnegle, G.K.; Thatcher, H.W.; Broughal, D.J.; Gummere, William Henry; O'Reilly, J.; Ulrich, W.F.; Wettlaufer, F.C.; 1899 (dup. of ba7.34) 7 students in typical suits, vests & high collars

8. BS1655 BS1655 Geary, Roy (from collage)

9. BS1657 BS1657 Lingle, ""Buddy"" (from collage)

10. BS1659 BS1659 Gulick, J. Halsey (from collage)

11. F8822 F8822 Walters, Janet; Simon, Roger; Daniels, Christine; Cooper, Gail; Duffy,Ian; Saeger, James; Smith, John; Cutcliffe, Steve; Dowling, Joseph; Tipton, Leon; Phillips, Robert; Shade, William; Baylor, Michael; Peters,Thomas (from left, front row) Janet Walters, Roger Simon, Christine Daniels, Gail Cooper, Ian Duffy with daughter Sarah, and Jim Saeger (back row) John Smith, Steve Cutcliffe, Joe Dowling, Leon Tipton, Robert...

12. F8808 F8808 Moses,Carl O.; Meltzer,Anne; Kodama,Ken; Roman,Nancy; Zeitler, Peter; Myers,Paul; Simpson,Dale; Anastasio,Dave; Evenson,Ed; Carson,Bobb; Yasko,George; Mastroianni,Scott (front row, left to right) Carl O. Moses, Anne Meltzer, Ken Kodama, Nancy Roman, Peter Zeitler, Paul Myers (back row) Dale Simpson, Dave Anastasio, Ed Evenson, Bobb Carson, George Yasko and Scott Mastroianni....

13. CX403 CX403 (house on E. Market St.? with folks on porch) (donated by Zimmele in 1996)

14. AC01-24-10 AC01-24-10 Kugelman, Irwin J.; Cummings, Erin L.; Slaughter, Sarah E. (L to R) Chairperson of civil Engineering Irwin J. Kugelman, Erin L. Cummings, & Sarah E. Slaughter, assistant professor of civil engineering

15. AC01-11-07 AC01-11-07 Bridenbaugh, Peter R.; Ritter, Don; Longenberg, Frederick C. (l) Peter R. Bridenbaugh, '62; US Rep. Don Ritter, '61 & Frederick C. Longenberg, '50

16. AC01-10-14 AC01-10-14 Curtis, Engel, Grannott (Left to Right) Curtis, Engel, Grannott at Wrestling Dinner

17. DE01-01-26 DE01-01-26 DeLeo, Gary; Rahs, Joe; Long, Peter (Left to Right) Gary DeLeo (Lehigh), Joe Rahs, Principle Governor Wolf Elementary, Bethlehem, Peter Long, 3rd grade teacher, Miller Heights Elementary school, Bethlehem

18. F8833 F8833 Sieczkowski,Ken; Madeo, Dave; Talhelm (left to right) Ken Sieczkowski, Dave Madeo and Professor Talhelm cook food. Dave Madeo smiles.

19. F8829 F8829 Sieczkowski,Ken; Madeo, Dave; Talhelm (left to right) Ken Sieczkowski, Dave Madeo and Professor Talhelm cook food. Professor Talhelm smiles.

20. DE01-22-05 DE01-22-05 Beedle, Lynn; Pense, Alan; Rivlin, Ronald (Left to right) Lynn Beedle, Alen Pense, and Ronald Rivlin
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results 1-20 of 7620 item(s)  page 1 of 381 : ( <<  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  >> ) :: previous : next
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