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Subject - Name
Berman, Philip I. (6)
Berman, Muriel M. (5)
Berman, Philip i.; Jen... (1)
Berman, Philip i.; Rab... (1)
Berman, Philip Sametz,... (1)
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Year Range
1960? (3)
1975?-1990? (3)
1970? (2)
1985-1995 (2)
1928 (1)
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 Image: Reference: Subject - Name: Description / Note:

1. F9322 F9322 Muriel and Philip Berman Garden at Mountaintop Campus

2. BS0183 BS0183 Berman, Muriel M.

3. BS0184 BS0184 Berman, Muriel M.

4. BS0919 BS0919 Geary, R.; De Moyer; Schaub, E.H.; Hesse; Harrier; Berman; Schaub, C.M.; Smith, C.L.; Billmeyer; 1926-27 Copy; includes info.

5. BS0920 BS0920 Geary; Rickart; Hesse; Schultz; Wright; Bennett; Berman; Billmeyer; Many; Marcus; 1928 Copy; includes info.

6. BS1605 BS1605 Riley; Almeida; McGeod; Vlasits; Yonker; Sturcke; Born; Hudson; Butler; Farmer; McKay; Rees; Sloan; Hawes; Barnes; Johnson; Proctor; Deckman; Gentry; Thomas; Henderek; Bush; Burba; Berman; Flint; Koch; Mahon; Jackson; Parsons; Weis; Medford; DelVillano; 1964 Copy (ran out of room for names)

7. BS2213 BS2213 Berman, Philip I.

8. F9323 F9323 "Sights" perched on the Mountaintop Campus near Iacocca Hall looks out over Saucon Valley

9. AC01-29-28 AC01-29-28 Berman, Philip; Sametz, Steven Philip Berman of Allentown with Prof. Steven Sametz; Lehigh Valley Campaign Kick-off

10. NG2029 NG2029 Quirk, Francis J.; Berman, Philip I. Looking at small sculptures

11. F4232 F4232 Berman, Philip I.; Jensen, E.N.; Hughes, Harold E. (Harold Everett), 1922-1996; Collins, E.R.; Friedman, Milton, 1912-2006; Iacocca, Lee A.; Stevenson, Dean T.; Lewis, W. Deming (Willard Deming), 1915-1989; 1969 From Lehigh Alumni Bulletin, July 1969;

12. F4238 F4238 Hittinger, William C.; Klima; Berman; Bleu; Newberry; Schelden; Wolfe; Keim; Conley; Brennan; Bishop; Daniels From Lehigh Alumni Bulletin, July 1969

13. F5179 F5179 Berman, Philip I. From Lehigh Alumni Bulletin, Fall 1977 (3 ""trees"")

14. F1409 F1409 Berman, Muriel M.

15. F1410 F1410 Berman, Philip I.

16. AC01-21-15 AC01-21-15 Kadishman, Menashe Featured in Muriel and Philip Berman Sculpture Garden Mountaintop Campus

17. AC01-21-16 AC01-21-16 Gordon, Harry Featured in Muriel and Philip Berman Sculpture Garden Mountaintop Campus

18. AC01-21-05 AC01-21-05 Onchi, Koshiro Portrait of Nejiko Suiva, one of Japan's greatest violinists; Part of ""Japanese Prints from the Lehigh University Berman Collection""

19. NG2447 NG2447 Berman, Philip I.

20. NG2446A NG2446A Berman, Muriel M.
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results 1-20 of 30 item(s)  page 1 of 2 : ( <<  1  2  >> ) :: previous : next
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