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1975 (103)
Lewis, W. Deming (Will... (75)
Steckbeck, John S. (63)
Whitaker, Martin Dewey (52)
Lehigh University Must... (51)
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Year Range
1960? (1029)
1950? (584)
1970? (393)
1970 (205)
1985? (195)
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21. F8808 F8808 Moses,Carl O.; Meltzer,Anne; Kodama,Ken; Roman,Nancy; Zeitler, Peter; Myers,Paul; Simpson,Dale; Anastasio,Dave; Evenson,Ed; Carson,Bobb; Yasko,George; Mastroianni,Scott (front row, left to right) Carl O. Moses, Anne Meltzer, Ken Kodama, Nancy Roman, Peter Zeitler, Paul Myers (back row) Dale Simpson, Dave Anastasio, Ed Evenson, Bobb Carson, George Yasko and Scott Mastroianni....

22. F2649 F2649 (fuzzy)

23. F0555 F0555 Williams, Clement C. (Clement Clarence), 1882-1947; Jacoby, H.S.; James, E.L.; Jordan, H.E.; Leighton, T.R.; Miller, J.S.; Richardson, R.G.D.; Sikorsky, I.I.; Steckel, Abram Peters; 1941 (identification from printed list)

24. F0551 F0551 Whitaker, Martin Dewey; Grace, Eugene G. (Eugene Gifford), 1876-1960; Kirkpatrick, J.I.; Dickerman, William C.; Sterrett, F.W.; Johnson, Earle F. (Coxey) ; Dodson, Alan Craig; McMath, Robert E.; Bell, F.B.; Berg, J.D.; Buchanan, Andrew E., Jr.; Watson, R.C.; Van Sandt, A.; Cort, Stewart J.; Pierce, J.H.; Funk, Nevin E.; Estes, William L.; 1946 (identified from published list)

25. F7295 F7295 Miller, P.; Mihalsky, Mary; Wiedorn, Paul G.; Liebig, John O., Jr.; Fox, E.; Beanon, L. (info. attached) some are women

26. AC01-24-10 AC01-24-10 Kugelman, Irwin J.; Cummings, Erin L.; Slaughter, Sarah E. (L to R) Chairperson of civil Engineering Irwin J. Kugelman, Erin L. Cummings, & Sarah E. Slaughter, assistant professor of civil engineering

27. AC01-11-07 AC01-11-07 Bridenbaugh, Peter R.; Ritter, Don; Longenberg, Frederick C. (l) Peter R. Bridenbaugh, '62; US Rep. Don Ritter, '61 & Frederick C. Longenberg, '50

28. AC01-10-14 AC01-10-14 Curtis, Engel, Grannott (Left to Right) Curtis, Engel, Grannott at Wrestling Dinner

29. DE01-01-26 DE01-01-26 DeLeo, Gary; Rahs, Joe; Long, Peter (Left to Right) Gary DeLeo (Lehigh), Joe Rahs, Principle Governor Wolf Elementary, Bethlehem, Peter Long, 3rd grade teacher, Miller Heights Elementary school, Bethlehem

30. F8833 F8833 Sieczkowski,Ken; Madeo, Dave; Talhelm (left to right) Ken Sieczkowski, Dave Madeo and Professor Talhelm cook food. Dave Madeo smiles.

31. F8829 F8829 Sieczkowski,Ken; Madeo, Dave; Talhelm (left to right) Ken Sieczkowski, Dave Madeo and Professor Talhelm cook food. Professor Talhelm smiles.

32. F8830 F8830 Varnern; Peta, Steve; Pepe, Dave; Shenox, Mike (left to right) Professor Varnern, Steve Peta, Dave Pepe, Mike Shenox

33. F8837 F8837 Barret, Cathy; Spezialetti, Madalene; Barada, Hassan; Varnerin, Lawrence; Jacoby, Linda; Corbesero, Steve; Tzeng, Kenneth; Frey, Doug; Decker, Richard; Jaccodine, Ralph; Talhelm, Donald; Blank, Glenn; Kay, Edwin; Nagel, Roger; Hatalis, Miltiadis; Barnes, Robert; Dingle, Adair; Orlosky, Kathy; Force, Edward; Frenick, Judy; Li, Weiping; Christodoulides, Dimitrios; Denton, Richard; Larky, Arthur; Hielscher, Frank; Freeman, William; Young, Donald; Adomsick, Charles (left to right) row 1: Cathy Barrett, Madalene Spezialetti, Hassan Barada, Lawrence Varnerin, Linda Jacoby and Steve Corbesero. Row 2: Kenneth Tzeng, Doug Frey, Richard Decker, Ralph Jaccodine, Donald...

34. AC01-10-17 AC01-10-17 Santoro, Engel, Filipos (Left to Right) Santoro, Engel, Filipos at Wresting Dinner

35. AC01-05-15 AC01-05-15 Lewis, W. Deming; Sheridan; Leeman, Gerry (left to right) W. Deming Lewis, Mrs. Sheridan, and Gerry Leeman prior to Iowa meet

36. F2646 F2646 (Lehigh Band played there)

37. F6255 F6255 Davis, Richard Harding, 1864-1918 (ng0426) copy of shot; closeup in striped shirt and dink

38. BS0848 BS0848 Miller; Horton; Lehr; Lewis; Palm; Heilman; McGovern; Sheridan; 1928 (not all names readable) copy; includes info.

39. F6826 F6826 (old rare book room on second floor) showing display in cases.

40. BS0309 BS0309 Gott; Brush; Waters; Orth; Hodgkin; Underwood; Johnson; Strawn; Barnard; Farabaugh, A.; Lnadefeld; Geare; Herman; Butler; Blazer; Farabaugh, L.; Torrey; 1903 (one name can't read) copy
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results 21-40 of 15551 item(s)  page 2 of 778 : ( <<  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  >> ) :: previous : next
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