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Kovacs, J.f.; Sauerwin... (5)
Libsch, Joseph f.; Rit... (5)
Neuffer, C.w.f.; 1894 (3)
O'hearn, J.f.; 1894 (3)
Schomberg, B.f.; 1894 (3)
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Year Range
1960? (10)
1970? (6)
1972 (6)
1927 (5)
1920? (3)
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1. CX252 CX252 Woolley, P.; Leidy, J.; Lake, E.; Sudholtz, L.; Kittelberger; Pennington, C.; Lynch, C.; Britton, C.; Schwartz, F.; Metz, J.; Cottrell; Osborn, Harry Brooks, Jr.; Kear, Frank Gregg; Maise, D.; Molitor, A.; Welch, M.; Eisenbrown, P.; Hansen, W.; Roudabush, B.; Vaughn, D.; Stevenson, F.; Smith, R.; 1925-26 From 1927 Epitome

2. CX253 CX253 Vaughn, D.; Lynch, C.; Norvig, A.; Kelly, D.; Barnes, G.; Sudholtz, L.; Stevenson, F.; Hansen, W.; Schwartz, F.; Eisenbrown, P.; Dancy, J.; Metz, J.; Schreiner, L.; Cottrell, D.; Kittelberger; Britton, C.; Molitor, A.; Lake, E.; Vaughn, G.; 1926-27 From 1928 Epitome

3. F6476 F6476 Bronner, E.; Caldwell, L.; Polaha, M.; Duke, D.; McCaffery, F.; Keglovits, A.; Queenan, D.; Layer, S.; Breder, B.; Fenton, A.; Androlewicz, M.; Rudman, P.; Berliner, G.; Olayinka, C.; Martin, T.; Cheslock, W.; Russell, T.; Rogers, D.; O'Hara, M.; Sauers, R.; Farkas, F.; Sclar, P.; 1988 Formal team shot, all identified on back

4. F5765 F5765 Stout, R.; Hartung, Albert E.E; Gould, Arthur F.; Criswell; Matthews; Jensen, F.; Beer, Ferdinand Pierre, 1915-; Beedle, L. 10 men in shot; 25 year men?

5. NG1295 NG1295 Clear, E.F.; Gleckner, J.F.; Mercer, A.; Thompson, J.B.; Cahn, Edward N. (Ed)W.; 1954 5 varsity players posed

6. BS2238 BS2238 Sgambelluri, D.; Sturiale, P.; Sgambelluri, F.; Sturiale, F.; 1952; 1981 From Lehigh Alumni Bulletin, Winter 1978 (fathers and daughters)

7. BS2239 BS2239 Sgambelluri, D.; Sturiale, P.; Sgambelluri, F.; Sturiale, F.; 1952; 1981 From Lehigh Alumni Bulletin, Winter 1978 (fathers and daughters)

8. NG1541 NG1541 Winkle, R.; Conlin, B.; Christ, F.; Lohrmann, R.; Loehmann, F.; 1946 5 men around record player

9. F4190 F4190 Huth, L.H.; Snyder, M.; Kunkel, Paul F.; Assenheimer, F.; 1932; 1949 From Lehigh Alumni Bulletin, Dec. 1970

10. F1923 F1923 Bender, Charles H.; Hadsall, W.F.; Birdsall, A. Glentworth; Lubrecht, Frank; Hart, J.A.; Hardcastle, F.; Warke, H.M.; Flayhart, C.J.; Ailes, C.C.; Trexler, E.W.; Bailey, J.; Martin, Allen G.; Williams, R.B.; Timpson, J.G.; Harris, T.R.; Rebert, B.R.; Smyth, H.M.; Davis, F.W.; Sutzer, M.; Otto, H.H.; Silvers, R.C.; 1912 21 men, all identified

11. F4228 F4228 Royster, C.; Bayer, Curtis F.; Bayer, S.F.; Bayer, Theodore F.C.; McCauley, J.; Harris, D.; Covert, John N.; 1956; 1935; 1972 From Lehigh Alumni Bulletin, Feb. 1970

12. F1889 F1889 Diefenderfer, Alpha A.; Hall, W.R.; Golian, Felix; Hachita, Maximilian S.; Lines, Frank F.; Roberts, W. Frank; Bachman, Arthur G.; Shonk, John J.; Gross, Robert F.; Slifer, W.P.; Hill, E.M.; 1902 11 men, and escort

13. CX008 CX008 Riegel, G.W.; Kiesel, W.F.; Pettinos, George F.; Smith, Frank S.; Linderman, G.B.; Dravo, Francis Rouaud; Stout, C.E.; Diven, E.; Hittel, J.B.; Pratt, M.D.; Bevan, E.L.; Meily, H.S.; Pierce, W.R.; Fehnel, Milton H.; Buck, Charles Austin; Pollack, C.P.; 1887 16 men

14. CY152 CY152 Keller, E.A.; Bush, R.M.; Brookover, J.S.; Houseman, K.F.; Marvin, R.W.; Goodfellow, O.D.; Norbbeck, C.F.; Diener, J.B.; Cresswell, H.; Barba, C.D.; Sampson, H.H.; Robinson, K.I.; Hertzler, John Rowe; Aludig, J.B.; Griffith, C.B.; Barr, J.H.; Bowler, C.W.; Wetzel, R.M.; Garrison, J.H.; Lair, W.B.; King, J.A.; Leach, L.L.; 1927 28 people (ran out of room for names)

15. F5188 F5188 Davis, B.M.; Easton, E.C.; Faust, H.J.; Folwell, J.D.; Billman, L.S.; Grubbe, D.J.; Harris, R.H.; Rushong, F.A.; Shoemaker, F.; Throckmorton, J.S.; 1931 From Lehigh Alumni Bulletin, Fall 1977 (at adoption of Class of 1981)

16. CX287 CX287 Jay, H.; Williams, R.; Wheaton, E.; Martin, A.; Reynor; Terwilliger, M.; Hart, J.; Kennedy, A.; Dunn, R.; McCoy, J.; Speed, F.; Schultz, C.; Hartdegen, C.; Speed, F.; 1912 Team; identified on back

17. CX251 CX251 Kelly, J.; Sudholtz, L.; Schwartz, F.; Lake, E.; Cotrell, D.; Metz, J.; Lucas, Francis Ferdinand; Trumbull, A.; Kittelberger; Molitor, A.; Lynch, C.; Law, H.; Austin, B.; McKee, G.; Wurster, L.; Ayres, C.; Keller, C.; Maise, D.; 1924-25 From 1926 Epitome

18. F1151 F1151 Peters, J.; Parks, James M., 1925-2005 ; Simpson, Dale R.; McLeroy, Donald F.; Ryan, J. Donald (John Donald) 1921-; Myers, Paul Benton, 1933- ; Sclar, Charles B.; Miller, G.H.; Connelly, J.; Veitch, J.; Stephens, G. From 1971 Epitome

19. BS2062 BS2062 Bayer, Timothy C.; Bayer, Daniel K.; Bayer, Curtis F.; Bayer, C.l.; Bayer, Sally; Bayer, Peter C.; 1972; 1959; 1935; 1975; 1960+Z9543 from LAB Fall 1971 (Curt & 5 of 6 sons, all Lehigh!)

20. BS2066 BS2066 Sizelove, R.R.; Archinal, W.C.; Gould, Arthur F.; Deal, J.M.; 1970; 1950; 1952 From Lehigh Alumni Bulletin, Fall 1971
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results 1-20 of 205 item(s)  page 1 of 11 : ( <<  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  >> ) :: previous : next
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