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Subject - Name
Ferguson, Helaman (2)
Ferguson, J.d.; 1894 (2)
Atticks, Harry Jacobs,... (1)
Ferguson, Greg (1)
Ferguson, Gregory S. (1)
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Year Range
1960? (6)
1893-1917 (1)
1910? (1)
1985? (1)
1990-2000 (1)

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1. BS0460 BS0460 Smith; Heilman; Snyder; Reibrecht; Said; Waldor; Prendergast; Zwart; Abelow; Wood; Theile; Herder; Shettle; Church; Cunningham; Ferguson; 1945 16 men; copy

2. BS0884 BS0884 Smartt; Leek; Warnke; Horner; Merriam; Loch; Pendleton; Tate; Berg; Leeman; Dini; Lackenmayr; Burns; Illengwarth; Ferguson; Park; Hamer; 1962-63 Copy; includes info.

3. BS0885 BS0885 Warnke; Stewart; Koch; Ferguson; White; Leeman; Middleton; Schlenker; Smith; Bushner; Gladish; Illengwrath; Dwyer; Hamer; 1963-64 Copy; includes info.

4. BS0886 BS0886 Warnke; Caruso; Peritore; Stuart; Amsbaugh; Hartenstine; Narducci; Ferguson; Caprio; Illengwrath; Leeman; Kochanczyk; Bushner; McClennan; Hamer; Hovach; 1964-65 Copy; includes info.

5. BS1715 BS1715 Priebe; Kingham, J.; Dreskin; Guilda; McAlonan; Conway; Beatty; Bickett; Sheridan; Bond; Hrkach; Goeltz; Mitchell; Bell; Balestier; Schoepflin; Bartlett; Staats; Rehmer; Miller; Barr; Poindexter; Curtis; Gates; Kingham; James; Gigon; Riehart; Ferguson; Land; 1950 Copy

6. BS1716 BS1716 Pellegrini; Oswald; Williams; Staats; Gigon; Kingham; Land; Merrill; Ferguson; BabCock; Venderpool; Grosky; Delier; Calvino; Priebe; Balestier; Haigh; Blake; Beatty; Glander; Schoepflin; Bennett; Cella; Rehmer; Golez; Hamilton; Greenstone; Hrkach; Bell; 1951 Copy (ran out of room for names)

7. BS3898 BS3898 Ferguson, Gregory S.

8. F9268 F9268 Ferguson, Greg Assistant professor of Chemistry sittihng next to computer

9. AC01-15-15 AC01-15-15 Ferguson, Helaman One example of Helaman Ferguson's sculptures that merge mathematics & art

10. DE01-02-22 DE01-02-22 Ferguson, Robert R. Robert R. Ferguson, Vice Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Continental Airlines, speaking with students on ""The State of the Airline Industry in the U.S.""

11. DE01-04-11 DE01-04-11 Ferguson, Gregory S.; Mumbauer, Paul Mumbauer (left), Ferguson (right) measure spectrum of a surface-modified polymer

12. F4892 F4892 Ferguson, H.; 1965 From Lehigh Alumni Bulletin, Spring 1975 (with others at dinner)

13. F6922 F6922 Ferguson, J.D.; 1894

14. F7506 F7506 Ferguson, Gregory S.; Hong, Daniel C.; Ou-Yang, Hsin-Chiao Daniel, 1953-; Pearson, R.; Santore, M. Gregory Freguson, Daniel Hong, H. Daniel Ou-Yang, Raymond Pearson, Maria Santore at Polymer Interfaces Center's 5th Year Anniversary and Tenure.

15. CX299 CX299 Garratt; Pazzetti, Vincent Joseph (Pat); Arent; Telten; Currier; P.L.S.; Herndon; Carrington; Fitch; Glayka; Webb; King; Bishop; Montgomery; Bloodgood; Morin; Ferguson; Hall; Lewis 19 men, all identified

16. AC01-15-16 AC01-15-16 Ferguson, Helaman ""JPMB polished bronze torus with Cross-Cap""

17. SC Photo 0030.01.052 SC Photo 0030.01.052 Atticks, Harry Jacobs, 1867-1949 Group photo - Staff Dinner of the Organization of Hill & Ferguson Hahn s Restaurant (New York City) Aug. 28, 1917, Harry J. Atticks - 1st man standing on left, damage to edges, on reverse pencil drawings...

18. F2924 F2924 Ferguson, J.D.; 1894 Autographed

19. NG1633 NG1633 Band playing (maynard ferguson?)
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results 1-19 of 19 item(s)  page 1 of 1 : ( <<  1  >> ) :: previous : next
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