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 Image: Reference: Subject - Name: Description / Note:

1. BA47_43 BA47_43 Shorty Gearhart Gearhart leans on large boulder using right side and arm; he stands amidst sticks and leaves on hill

2. BS0304 BS0304 Farwell; Holderness; Butler; Clark; Gledhill; Becerra; Middledith; Canfield; Chamberlain; Dorin; Gonzales; McCarthy; Gearhart; James; Reese; James; 1897 Copy

3. BS0305 BS0305 Middledith; Ross; Payne; Horner; Becerra; Keys; Butler; Lindley; Reese; Butler; McCarthy; Gearhart; Scovil, F.; Dorian; Chamberlain; Gledhill; James; Carman; Scovil, C.; 1898 Copy

4. BS0306 BS0306 Okeson, Walter Raleigh; Bray; Barnard; Beaghen; Flanagan; Hall; Fuller; Farabaugh; Evans; Barrow; Schenk; Downey; Gearhart; Peepels; Darwin; Persons; Hinckle; Farabaugh; 1900 Copy

5. BS0925 BS0925 Bartlett, Fay C.; Chambers; Ruth; Riley; Fry; Henry; Gearhart; Strausberg; Bray; Collander; 1933 Copy; includes info.

6. BS0926 BS0926 Bartlett; Stallings; Blanchard; Turner; Kern; Riley; Henry; Gearhart; Pharo; Chambers;; 1933-34 Copy; includes info.

7. BS0927 BS0927 Lincoln; McKaig; Cooper; Bamert; Brown; Dietz, J.W.; Silberberg; Stevenson; Lake; Harmeson, G.W.; Austin; Gearhart, J.A.; Henry; Pharo; Sine; Blanchard; Connors; 1934-35 Copy; includes info.

8. BS0928 BS0928 Barry; Zell; Setzoff; Connors; Harmeson, G.W.; Jamieson; Upton; Bayer; Kurtz; Stout; Brown; Cooper; Gearhart, W.K.; Austin; Glading; 1936 Copy; includes info.

9. BS0934 BS0934 Westerman; Megas; Conforte; Whipple; Brownlee; Gearhart; Chamberlain; Mussina; Brooks; Binder; Bailey; Ambrogi; Lane; Smith; Rahn; Johnson; 1942 Copy; includes info.

10. BS1612 BS1612 Grant; Throckmorton; Coates; Robinson; McClung; Dashiell; Biggs; Gearhart; Walker; WoodCock; Warriner; Belfield; Sawtelle; 1890 Copy

11. BS1613 BS1613 Petriken; Gearhart; Loeser; Cressman; WooDCock; Dashiell; Sawtelle; Bray; McClung; Williams; Hutchinson; Reese;; 1890 Copy

12. BS1702 BS1702 Carpenter; Cox; Colbaugh; Turner, C.A.; Bigelow; Turner, R.J.; Brunn; Bishop; Smith; Bolton; Berg; Standing; Gearhart, F.L.; Earich; Abbe; Koman; Williams; 1933 Copy

13. BS1704 BS1704 Carpenter; Craig; Stefko; Enstine; Gill; Lucard; Wrightson; Vogelsberg; Messmore; Smull; Cox; Boden; Wilson; Turner; Gearhart; Austin; Settle; Edwards; 1935 Copy

14. BS1749 BS1749 Fenner; Druckerman; Enscoe; Rand; Carothers; Garrett; Charles; Gearhart; 1933 Copy

15. BS1750 BS1750 Carothers; Rand; Austin; Gerlach; Fismer; Hammer; Hollister; Gearhart; Dietz; Hoppock; 1934 Copy

16. BS1924 BS1924 Gearhart, C.W. With 3 others; autogaraphed

17. F6373 F6373 Graff; Ryan; Schaefer; Startsman; Wright; Chickering; Harleman; Grubb; Murphy; Peck; Girdler; Ehlers; Flory; Enzian; Stauffer; Laubenstein; Krause, Gearhart; Wilson; Yen; Evans; 1901 Group posed on library steps (all identified on shot)

18. CX045 CX045 Harleman, Samuel T.; Symington, E.H.; Morris; Murphy, E.T.; Clark; Burns; Wilkinson, Edwin B.; Wilson, H.D.; Wright; Flory, John H.; Evans; Donaldson, Francis; Gearhart, F.B.; Laubenstein; 1901 18 men

19. CX052 CX052 Stauffer; Flory; Freund; Graff; Laubenstein; Engian; Morris; Kennedy; Startsman; Grubb; Gearhart; Nolan; Wilson; Evans; Menough; Donaldson; Clark; Heck; 1901 22 men

20. CX053 CX053 Wilson, H.D.; Yen, T.C.S.; Nolan, J.J.; Harleman, Samuel T.; Symington, J.F.; Enzian, C.; Burns, T.; Murphy, E.T.; Startsmen, C.W.; Grubb, P.L.; Menough, L.D.; Morris, R.C.; Bleckridge, W.H.; Gearhart, F.B.; Evans, C.; Flory, John H.; Krause, L.G.; Stauffer, H.S.; Laubenstein, A.R.; Laubach, S.T.; Ehlers, W.A.; 1901 21 men (and 2 children)
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results 1-20 of 23 item(s)  page 1 of 2 : ( <<  1  2  >> ) :: previous : next
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