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Subject - Name
Lehigh University Must... (52)
Whitman, Christine Tod... (47)
Schempf, William H. (34)
Congdon, Wray H. (20)
Whitten, Leslie H., 19... (20)
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Year Range
2002 (330)
1891 (65)
1887 (46)
1889 (43)
1960? (36)
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121. CX014 CX014 Richardson, G.M.; Howe, M.A.; Stokes, W.H.; Loyd, R.; Clapp, C.E.; Mills, William Wirt; Frazier, Kenneth; 1885-86 7 men

122. BS0430 BS0430 Butterworth, G.A.; McGrath, P.L.; Keiser, H.D.; Hanway, P.S.; Carlson, H.S.; Burke, James Michael; Morrissey, M.A.; 1915-16 7 men; copy

123. F5968 F5968 Whitehead, John C.; Saunders; McConlogoue; Hudak; Dunlap, Frederick H. (Fred); 7 men, posed

124. CX081 CX081 Dravo, Francis Rouaud; Pettinos, George F.; Ledoux, John Walter; Fehnel, Milton H.; Bevan; Buck, Charles Austin; Smith, Frank S.; Zimmele, Charles Frederick; 1887 8 men

125. F2228 F2228 Sprague, H.W.; Townsend, C.F.; Loeb; Laramy, R.E.; Klein, A.W.; Brady, W.Y.; 1892, 1895, 1896, 1899 8 men

126. CX015 CX015 Booth, George Rodney; Voorhees, Samuel Stockton; Morrow; Surle; Wadleigh, Atherton Blight; Howe, Wallace Eastburn; Toulmin; Stoek, Harry H.; 1885-86 8 men

127. NG0955 NG0955 Harrier, Robert A.; Langfitt, J. Porter; Straub, J.M.; Maginnes, Albert B.; Horton, Leonard M.; Brothers, George Raleigh; Maddox, H. Randolph; Curtis, Edward A. 8 men posed around table

128. F1202 F1202 Redd, Richard J.; Warneke, Frederick J. ; Mangan, J.; Frey, E.H.; Badger, P. 8 men, looking at posters

129. NG1659 NG1659 Watters, J.W.; Fuessle, Raymond A.; Leith, John D.; Krupnick; Ross; Liebig, John O., Jr.; Emerson, E.H.; Schrempel, Walter A.; Jacobi, J.E. ""Committee on Religious Life""

130. F3586 F3586 Holmes, S.; Wood, R.H.; Petty, D.M.; Petty, Mrs..; Barnum, Mrs..; Facchiano, Peter P. ""Judge's Stand""

131. CY153 CY153 Laramy, R.E.; Thurston, J.W.; Marvin, C.F.; Jessup, A.B.; Ayars, W.S.; Pool, M.W.; Nare, A.L.; Burley, J.L.; Merrill, W.S.; Wilbur, Warren A.W.; McKenzie, F.A.; Anderson, W.C.; Elmore, T.P.; Grissinger, E.H. ""original board"" (presented to LU in 1942)

132. BA02_57 BA02_57 Woods, Wade Hampton; 1887 ""To walter wycoff with the compliments of hw""

133. F7389 F7389 1884 A student pole-vaulting. Crowd watching. Donated by Joan Repetto, granddaugther of H.H. Hillegass '84.

134. CX262 CX262 Maginnes, Albert B.; McMath, Robert E.; Horton, Leonard M.; Maddox, H. Randolph; Rathbone, Monroe Jackson; Curtis, Edward A.; Grace, Eugene G. (Eugene Gifford), 1876-1960; Johnson, Earle F. (Coxey) ; Whitaker, Martin Dewey; Smiley, Earl Kenneth; Bodine, Alfred V.; Neville, Harvey A. (Harvey Alexander), 1898-1983; Funk, Nevin E.; Glick, Elmer W.; Straub, J.M.; Buchanan, Andrew E., Jr.; Magee, Frank L.; Mueller, Theophil H. ; Estes, William L.; Cort, Stewart J. All identified

135. F6254 F6254 Ryan; Jenkins; Willard, Bradford, b. 1895; Gault; Whitcomb, H.; Randolph; Wilkens; O'Brien; Trexler All identified

136. CY119 CY119 Hazelhurst, Thomas H.; Simmons, Charles W.; Kaufmann; Billinger, R. D. (Robert Dominick), 1899-1980; Theis, Edward R.; Neville, Harvey A. (Harvey Alexander); DeGray, Richard J.; Williams; Anderson; Ewing; Beck; Smull, Judson G.; Diefenderfer, Alpha A.; Ullmann, Harry M.; Babasinian, Vahan S. (Vahan Simon); Long, James Scott (Shorty) All identified

137. F3360 F3360 Feeser, L.; Kramer, R.W.; Schwab, I.H.; Taft, J.R.; Widdowfield, A.S.; Ruthhart, Richard M.; Joines, A.; Leckonby, WIlliam B. (Bill)A.; Stabler, Donald B.; Conger, A.D.; Dunlap, Frederick H. (Fred); Harrier, Robert A.; Weaver, C.; Workinger, G.; Hinman, H.E.; McFarlan, R.; Jones, D.; Jacobs, J.H. All identified on back

138. F3933 F3933 Lewis, W. Deming (Willard Deming), 1915-1989; Kissinger, Nancy Sharon Maginnes; Kissinger, Henry, 1923-; Smith, H.K. All in academic robes

139. BA06_35 BA06_35 All signed under picture

140. F0727 F0727 Richards, Berry G. (Berry Gargal), 1930-; Ottervik, Eric V.; Lutz, J.G.; Butz, L.; Rabold, Frank C.; Warner, C.H.; Likins, Peter W. All with shovels
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results 121-140 of 1979 item(s)  page 7 of 99 : ( <<  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  >> ) :: previous : next
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