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Subject - Name
Dougherty, J.w.; 1889 (3)
Amico, a.; Lapara, Nic... (1)
Baker, f.; Gadd, L.l.;... (1)
Crawford, J.w.; Daddon... (1)
Daboll, F.a.; Dickerma... (1)
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Year Range
1960? (5)
1896 (3)
1886 (1)
1889 (1)
1890? (1)
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1. BS0300 BS0300 Baker, F.; Gadd, L.L.; Thurston, J.W.; Keys, J.; Okeson, Walter Raleigh; Stratford, H.R.; Houston, E.A.; Best, J.W.; Roderick, T.C.; Wooden, W.H.; McClung, M.; Ordway, G.; Floyd, R.D.; Trafton, C.E.; 1893 Copy

2. F1293 F1293 Groover, Mikell P; Adams, J.W.; Gould, Arthur F.; Shiveley, M.W.; Powers, J.W.; Smith, W.A.; Kane, George E. ; Gewehr, Wesley H.; Landis, J.D.; Monro, Sutton; Richardson, Wallace J.; Whitehouse, Gary E., 1938- From 1971 Epitome

3. NG2076 NG2076 Watters, J.W.; Jacobi, J.E.; Fuessle, Raymond E.Y.; Van Billiard, M.W.; Watters; 1961 From 1961 Epitome (group posed)

4. BS0667 BS0667 Lewis, A.E.; Pierce, W.R.; Smith; Ledoux, John Walter; Dougherty, J.W.; Lee, R.W.; 1886 11 men in uniform; includes info.

5. BS0927 BS0927 Lincoln; McKaig; Cooper; Bamert; Brown; Dietz, J.W.; Silberberg; Stevenson; Lake; Harmeson, G.W.; Austin; Gearhart, J.A.; Henry; Pharo; Sine; Blanchard; Connors; 1934-35 Copy; includes info.

6. BS1537 BS1537 Fisher, J.W.; Smith?

7. BS1615 BS1615 Reed, P.L.; Snyder, A.L.; Dickerman, William C.L.; Grace, John W. (Gator), Jr. ; White, G.C.; Corman; Grace, Eugene G. (Eugene Gifford), 1876-1960; Taylor; Petrikin; Horner; Gannon, J.W.; Gannon, T.J.; Chasmar; Senior; Peck; 1896 Copy

8. BS1536 BS1536 Fisher, J.W.; Smith?; 1968 Shaking hands

9. NG1659 NG1659 Watters, J.W.; Fuessle, Raymond A.; Leith, John D.; Krupnick; Ross; Liebig, John O., Jr.; Emerson, E.H.; Schrempel, Walter A.; Jacobi, J.E. ""Committee on Religious Life""

10. F6109 F6109 Ruchatz, J.W.; Ahrens; 1968 Bout in action (on reverse says he was so exhausted he had to be hospitalized)

11. CY015 CY015 Daggett, H.M.; Underwood, W.E.; Boyt, J.; Curtis, B.O.; Ayars, W.S.; Heisey, G.D.; Hall, D.; Dessauer, S.M.; Thorn, C.W.; Thurston, J.W.; Wilson, D.W.; Chasman, G.H.; Given, J.B.; 1896-97 13 men

12. F1213 F1213 Amico, A.; LaPara, Nicholas A.; Meadowcroft, R.T.; Conyers, Evan W.; Leibowitz, M.B.; Davis, L.; Green, J.S.; Griep, A.; Haynes, Thomas M.; Hillman, Donald J.; Kasarda, Andrew J.; Barnes, Robert F., Jr.; Humes, J.W.; Melchert, Norman; Lindgren, J. Ralph From 1971 Epitome

13. CY153 CY153 Laramy, R.E.; Thurston, J.W.; Marvin, C.F.; Jessup, A.B.; Ayars, W.S.; Pool, M.W.; Nare, A.L.; Burley, J.L.; Merrill, W.S.; Wilbur, Warren A.W.; McKenzie, F.A.; Anderson, W.C.; Elmore, T.P.; Grissinger, E.H. ""original board"" (presented to LU in 1942)

14. CY074 CY074 Daboll, F.A.; Dickerman, William C.; Thurston, J.W.; Ayers, H.B.; Given, J.B.; Laramy, R.E.; Ayars, W.S.; Wilson, D.W.; Lord, C.W.; Williams, D.S.; 1896 10 men

15. CX209 CX209 Davenport, T.; Reid, H.; Daboll, F.A.; Laramy, R.E.; Thurston, J.W.; Herr, H.N.; 1896 6 men, in robes

16. F1411 F1411 Thomlinson, M.H.; Okeson, Walter Raleigh; Clark, G.; Baker, F.; Land, J.W.; Emery, Natt M.; Drinker, Henry S. (Henry Sturgis), 1850-1937; Drinker, Mrs.; Richards, Charles Russ At ceremony at unveiling of plaque honoring drinker

17. CY020 CY020 Dessauer, S.M.; Diven, L.; Pool, M.W.; Sharrer, G.H.; Ayars, W.S.; Thorn, C.W.; Curtis, B.O.; Kautz, D.H.; McKenzie, F.A.; Thurston, J.W.; Maurice, C.F.; DeHuff, H.; Ayres, C.T.; Laramy, R.E. 15 men

18. CY011 CY011 Thurston, J.W.; Dickerman, William C.; Wilson, D.W.; Ayers, H.B.; Given, J.B.; Laramy, R.E.; Ayars, W.S.; Daball, F.A.; Williams, D.S.; Lord, C.W.; 1896 10 men

19. F2682 F2682 Wanderhoff, J.W.; Silwanowicz, A. In lab

20. CX027 CX027 Tremlett, J.W.; Yake, E.E.; Herrman, W.S.; Haas, H.A.; Miller, H.L.; Reese, L.R.; Thompson, B.M.; Colling, E.S.; Wood, R.F.; Platt, J.E.; Knox, L.P.; Wright, L.C.; Wheaton, E.A.; Otto, H.H.; Wood, G.R.; 1910-11 15 men
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