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Odotei Laubenstein Hel... (1)
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1960? (2)
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1921 (1)
1931 (1)

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1. BS1730 BS1730 Odotei; Laubenstein; Heller; Pfaeffle; Mantel; Neale; Frey; Gore; Klein; Ferrell; Hall; Galardi; Painter; Romary; Goat; Pesin; Parry; Burgher; Juengst; Newton; Langborgh; Klausmann; Temor; Weiler; Christian; 1967 Copy

2. BS1731 BS1731 Brindle; Laubenstein; Newton; Laitala; Heller; Ferrell; Peters; Goat; Gustavson; Fleck; Lesker; Klein; Neale; Burger; Weiler; Rothman; Lowenberg; Juengst; Paul; Williman; Langborgh; Galardi; Hartman; Leeman; Parry; 1968 Copy

3. F6373 F6373 Graff; Ryan; Schaefer; Startsman; Wright; Chickering; Harleman; Grubb; Murphy; Peck; Girdler; Ehlers; Flory; Enzian; Stauffer; Laubenstein; Krause, Gearhart; Wilson; Yen; Evans; 1901 Group posed on library steps (all identified on shot)

4. CX045 CX045 Harleman, Samuel T.; Symington, E.H.; Morris; Murphy, E.T.; Clark; Burns; Wilkinson, Edwin B.; Wilson, H.D.; Wright; Flory, John H.; Evans; Donaldson, Francis; Gearhart, F.B.; Laubenstein; 1901 18 men

5. CX052 CX052 Stauffer; Flory; Freund; Graff; Laubenstein; Engian; Morris; Kennedy; Startsman; Grubb; Gearhart; Nolan; Wilson; Evans; Menough; Donaldson; Clark; Heck; 1901 22 men

6. CX053 CX053 Wilson, H.D.; Yen, T.C.S.; Nolan, J.J.; Harleman, Samuel T.; Symington, J.F.; Enzian, C.; Burns, T.; Murphy, E.T.; Startsmen, C.W.; Grubb, P.L.; Menough, L.D.; Morris, R.C.; Bleckridge, W.H.; Gearhart, F.B.; Evans, C.; Flory, John H.; Krause, L.G.; Stauffer, H.S.; Laubenstein, A.R.; Laubach, S.T.; Ehlers, W.A.; 1901 21 men (and 2 children)

7. F1883 F1883 Peck; Startsman, C.W.; Enzian, Charles; McGonigle, Charles J.; Barba; Girdler, T. M. (Tom Mercer), 1877-1965; Harleman, Samuel T.; Evans; Krause, L.G.; Laubenstein; Freund, J.B.; Gearhart, F.B.; Wilson, H.D.; Flory, H.D.; Murphy, E.T.; 1901 15 men, plus 2 banner holders

8. F1884 F1884 Peck; Girdler, T. M. (Tom Mercer), 1877-1965; McGonigle, Charles J.; Heitshu, Samuel P.; Barba; Harleman; Barba; Flory; Evans; Donaldson, Francis; Startsman, C.W.; Flory; Thornton, E.T.; Stauffer; Harrar, E.S.; Morris; Laubenstein; Stauffer; Harleman; Barba; 1901 15 men, plus 5 sons

9. F1886 F1886 Harleman, Samuel T.; Laubenstein; 1901 2 men
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results 1-9 of 9 item(s)  page 1 of 1 : ( <<  1  >> ) :: previous : next
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