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Subject - Name
Lipko, Linda (2)
Lowe-krentz, Linda J. (2)
Stark, Linda (2)
Barret, Cathy Speziale... (1)
Conyers, Evan w.; Holz... (1)
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Year Range
1985-1995 (2)
1990? (2)
1975-1985 (1)
1990 (1)
1990-1995 (1)
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 Image: Reference: Subject - Name: Description / Note:

1. F9182 F9182 Rice, Connie; Novak, Linda Connie sitting at desk; Linda standing

2. BS4042 BS4042 Lowe-Krentz, Linda J. Photo Linda J. Lowe-Krentz at her desk typing, Assistant Professor of Chemistry

3. F9612 F9612 Lipko, Linda Linda Lipko; Opinion of treatment of women on campus

4. F8507 F8507 Linahan-Menna, Linda Portrait of Linda Linahan-Menna

5. F8761 F8761 Lowe-Krentz, Linda J. Professor Linda J. Lowe-Krentz posed in front of a bulletin board

6. F8873 F8873 Kistler, Linda; Kanar, Komal Linda Kistler, music department violin instructor, works with Komal Kanar '93

7. BS3382 BS3382 Conyers, Evan W.; Holzinger, Margaret; Gachenbach, E.; Rice, Connie L.; Novak, Linda (Party moved inside because of bad weather)

8. BS3429 BS3429 Stark, Linda Portrait

9. BS3430 BS3430 Stark, Linda Portrait

10. F8837 F8837 Barret, Cathy; Spezialetti, Madalene; Barada, Hassan; Varnerin, Lawrence; Jacoby, Linda; Corbesero, Steve; Tzeng, Kenneth; Frey, Doug; Decker, Richard; Jaccodine, Ralph; Talhelm, Donald; Blank, Glenn; Kay, Edwin; Nagel, Roger; Hatalis, Miltiadis; Barnes, Robert; Dingle, Adair; Orlosky, Kathy; Force, Edward; Frenick, Judy; Li, Weiping; Christodoulides, Dimitrios; Denton, Richard; Larky, Arthur; Hielscher, Frank; Freeman, William; Young, Donald; Adomsick, Charles (left to right) row 1: Cathy Barrett, Madalene Spezialetti, Hassan Barada, Lawrence Varnerin, Linda Jacoby and Steve Corbesero. Row 2: Kenneth Tzeng, Doug Frey, Richard Decker, Ralph Jaccodine, Donald...

11. F9216 F9216 Novak, Linda; Petrovich, Margaret; Conyers, Evan; Pecsek, Annie; Morrow, Kathe; Holzinger, Maggie; King, Bess; Shelhamer, Denise; Mack Helen; Mrkich, Francie; Rice, Connie; Misinco, Marge; Dilliard, Peggy; Wiles-Young, Sharon; Guth, Mary; McNally, Judy; Kriebel, Gail Original photograph is in Helen Mack's office (as of August 2013)

12. F9183 F9183 Kriebel, Gail; McNally, Judith; Guth, Mary; Morrow, Kathe; Shelhammer, Denise; Rice, Connie; Novak, Linda; Misinco, Marge; Petrovich, Magaret; Conyers, Evan; Cady, Susan A.; Dilliard, Peggy; Wiles-Young, Sharon; Pecsek, Anne; Mrkich, Francie; Mack, Helen; Holzinger, Maggie; King, Bessie Group of library staff standing behind a railing in Linderman Rotunda

13. DE01-01-23 DE01-01-23 Krentz-Lowe, Linda Associate Professor of Chemistry demonstrates how to use a microscope to Reinhard School frist-graders, given to the school for future science projects

14. DE01-09-11 DE01-09-11 Gorney, Carole; Lipko, Linda; wills, Dina; Hutton, Frankie; Lule, Jack; Friedman, sharon It's Academic page, A Look Inside; Journalism Dept. around computer

15. F9702 F9702 Lipko, Linda Lehigh Week, Profile, Page 9; Departmental Coordinator, Department of Journalism and Communication

16. F8844 F8844 Molyneux, Linda; Kemmerer, Elyse; Tuck, Jennifer; Mierzwa, Marcia; Shields, Alison; Greenwald, Laura; Jacobs, Dana; Hope, Ryan; Johanson, Michael; Datesman, Adam; Lawson, Marc; Graham, Ben; Hill, Dan; Sebastian, Bear Group portrait of Overtones next to Packer Memorial Church

17. F8845 F8845 Tuck, Jennifer; Hope, ryan; Molyneux, Linda; Datesman, Adam; Greenwald, Laura; Johanson, Michael; Mina, Jessica; Jacobs, Dana; Lawson, Marc; Kemmerer, Elyse; Graham, Ben; Miewzwa, Marcia; Shields, Alison; Sebastian, Bear; Hill, Dan Group portrait of Overtones next to Packer Memorial Church

18. F8939 F8939 Front row: Pankenier, David; Nicholas, Mary; Williamson, virginia; Chabut, Marie-Helene and Rice; Hearth. Row 2: Wolfgang, Lenora; McFadden, Danielle and Lautard, Isabelle. Row 3: Parment, Harriet; Lefkowitz, Linda, Stegmann, Vera and Armstrong, Marie-Sophie. Row 4: Cook, Constance; Lin, Xiao-Qin; Prieto, Antonia; Lewis, David and van der Naald, Anje C.. Missing: Herz, Anna and Waldenrath, Alexander Group Picture - MFL Dept.

19. F9576 F9576 Our People

20. DE01-13-04 DE01-13-04 Masakowski, Linda; Brockway, Brian; Smith, Kathy; Nation, George Lehigh Week, Academic Page, Volume 4, Issue 17, Page 5; Law & Business Department
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results 1-20 of 21 item(s)  page 1 of 2 : ( <<  1  2  >> ) :: previous : next
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