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Subject - Name
Lehigh University Must... (3)
Morris, H.t.; 1891 (3)
Goldwater, Barry M. (B... (2)
Adams Laird Wilson, Wa... (1)
Ambrogi Elliott Bayles... (1)
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Year Range
1960? (41)
1910 (3)
1900? (2)
1891 (1)
1911? (1)
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1. BS0329 BS0329 Schall; Wilson; Burke; Littel; Morris; O'Callahan; Cannon; Arnold; Levin; Cheel; Mellinger; Merrill; Hess; Herman; Bond; 1925 Copy

2. BS0374 BS0374 Kennedy; Levin; Kanaly, Morris E.; Robinson; Egolf; Hauser, S.L.R.; Raine; Siegmund; Erb, J.E.; Ponter; Maxwell; 1922 12men; copy

3. BS0377 BS0377 Trainer; Freeman; Kanaly, Morris E.; Ayers; Laudig; Platt; Maxwell; Bayles; Askin; Barba; Siegmund; Porter; Raine; 1924 12 men; copy

4. BS0378 BS0378 Cunningham, D.S.; Hamilton, A.H.; Hang, A.A.; Kanaly, Morris E.; Lasher; Fine; Freeman; Ridsdale; Maxwell; Aitken; Laudig; Chickering; Askin; 1925 13 men; copy

5. BS0379 BS0379 Cunningham; Lang; Fine; Kanaly, Morris E.; Roberts, Fiscus; Wilson; Barba; Chickering; Aitken; Laudig; Sames; 1926 12 men; copy

6. BS0380 BS0380 Adams; Laird; Wilson, Warren E.; Kanaly, Morris; Fiscus; Beerman; Aitken, Donald G.; Lange, George D.; Chickering, Kenneth B.; Sames, Harry B.; Gadd, Robert F.; 1927 11 men; copy

7. BS0422 BS0422 Tremlette; Dawson; Morris; Willgoose; VanBlarcom; Couch; Shaw; Gilligan; Dunning; Crocker; Aman; Young; Riley; 1908 13 men; copy

8. BS0435 BS0435 Burgess; Helfrich; Barthold; Hicks; Roth; Dieffenbach; Lawrie; Fancher; Karton; Schwargbach; Wright; Wight; Gerlach; Lamb; Riebe; Tate, M.B.; Cornell; Sharp; McGowan; Paret, M.P.; Davenport; Bray; Locke; Kanaly, Morris E.; Schragger; Trumbore; Markley; Meyer; 1920 28 men; copy

9. BS0436 BS0436 Zatzinger; Wight; Meyers; Burgess; Carlisle; Wingate; Rogers; VanBilliard; Barthold; Harper; Carol; Greenall; Hoffman; Huggins; Kanaly, Morris E.; Talmage; Waltz; Springsteen; Bray; Locke; McPherson; Good; VanNort; Wright; Lodge; Lamb; Schragger; Leister; Best; 1921 31 men; copy

10. BS0437 BS0437 Walker; Buechley; Sanford; Johnston; Talmage; McPherson; Compher; Leister; Wingate; Kennedy; Zantzinger; Springsteen; Cook; Astarita; Roth; Burgess; Romoser; Siegmund; Bray; Carol; Lodge; Miller; Tyler; Erb; Wight; VanNort; Kanaly, Morris E.; Beggs; 1922 28 men; copy

11. BS0438 BS0438 Zantzinger; Leister; Kanaly, Morris E.; Burgess; Springsteen; McPherson; Cook; 1922 7 men; copy

12. BS0439 BS0439 Hauser; Burlingame; Levin; Williamson; Harris; Evans; Kanaly, Morris E.; Oswald; Sheppard; Elmer; Porter; Maxwell; Kennedy; Leister; Burgess; Carol; Springsteen; Wight; Bray; Sanford; Lodge; McPherson; Egolf; Siegmund; Beggs; Croll; Talmage; Fulton; 1923 28 men; copy

13. BS0440 BS0440 Raleigh; Maxwell; Egolf; Cox; Bowler; Kanaly, Morris E.; Sheppard; Fulton; Barba; Glenn; Platt; Astaritra; Bayles; Gissriel; Smith; Best; Brandon; Swinton; Carol; Siegmund; Willis; Roth; Croll; Meyers; Hauser; 1924 25 men; copy

14. BS0441 BS0441 Freeman; Elmer; Bowler; Russell; Barneman; Bayles; Kanaly, Morris E.; Askin; Ross; Strohl; Laudig; Trainer; Sheppard; Biggs; Gisriel; Sigmund; Croll; Barba; Smith; Cox; Neyers; McFadden; Fulton; Egolf; Kittenger; Platt; Maxwell; Harris, A.D.; 1925 28 men; copy

15. BS0442 BS0442 Trainer; Armstrong; Randall; Maxwell; Aitken; Yeager; Kanaly, Morris E.; Laudig; Straub; Talbert; Russell; Shonk; Billmeyer; Smith; Gisriel; Clayton; Meyers; Sheppard; Bowler; Brandon; Chickering; 1926 26 men; copy

16. BS0443 BS0443 Lasher; Helmstaedter; Wright; Gisreil; Levitz; Kanaly, Morris E.; Chickering; Hill; Weinstein; Wagner; Aitken; Billmeyer; Clayton; Shonk; 1927 14 men; copy

17. BS0444 BS0444 Sames; Straub; Monie; Wright; Goodlove; Levitz; Kanaly, Morris E.; Fine; Pickslay; Young; Wagner; Hunt; Chickering; Trantum; Lasher; Girdler; Clayton; Many; Jones; Lange; Daly; Blackman; Smith; Hartman; Castles; Sickles; Jacobi; 1928 28 men; copy

18. BS0445 BS0445 Kuntz; Latremore; Frederick; Kanaly, Morris E.; Jones; Morhart; Inaba; Stanton; Whitehead; Monroe; Levitz; Sames; Many; Lohmeyer; Wright; Barnes; Lamb; Friedrich; Lange; 1929 19 men; copy

19. BS0446 BS0446 Minsker; Hunt; Frazier; Forsyth; Whitehead; Kuntz; Yates; Klippert; Carlin; Latremore; Friedrich; Chandler; Lamb; Earl; Many; Kanaly, Morris E.; Morhart; Sievering; Wright; Barnes; Maharay; 1930 21 men; copy

20. BS0447 BS0447 Hargan; Holohen; Klippert; Minsker; Earl; Maier; Fluck; MacDougall; Wilkinson; Shankweiler; Kanaly, Morris E.; Riviere; Lloyd; Forsyth; Chandler; Fuller; Lamb; Rothenberg; Gold; Maharay; Gormley; Rorty; 1931 22 men; copy
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results 1-20 of 71 item(s)  page 1 of 4 : ( <<  1  2  3  4  >> ) :: previous : next
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