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Whitman, Christine Tod... (47)
Farrington, Gregory C. (19)
Mcintosh, James (4)
Farrington, Gregory c.... (3)
Construction on Monume... (2)
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2002 (330)
1983 - 1990 (2)
1891 (1)
1946? (1)
1950? (1)
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1. F4888 F4888 Happ, R.; Murray, G.; Murray, Mrs. From Lehigh Alumni Bulletin, Spring 1975 (officers and wives)

2. F8072 F8072 Goodman, Murray H. Murray H. Goodman Stadium ground breaking ceremonies. 33 shots on a single sheet.

3. F8073 F8073 Likins, Peter W.; Goodman, Murray H. Ceremonies in taylor stadium before murray h. goodman stadium ground breaking ceremonies start. 30 shots on a single sheet.

4. F8510 F8510 Murray, Diana T. Portrait of Diana T. Murray

5. BS0034 BS0034 Murray, Arthur F.; 1905 45th reunion

6. BS0347 BS0347 Stevens; Jones, R.R.; Johnson; Brownlee; Shafer; Jorgenson; Redline; LaSasso; Swenson; Bowman; Dittmar; Jones, R.H.; Serman; Heck; Moyer; Mitchell; Graham; Levine; Murray; Mountsier; Diehl; Jones, J.; Denham; Isaac; Case; Wilson; Tomasic; Hoch; Kuhar; Shaver; 1946 (ran out of room for names) copy

7. F1257 F1257 Forstall, Alfred E.; Seidle; Wilson; Christensen; Magee, Frank L.; Franz, Paul J., Jr.; Gott, Edwin H.; Snyder, Edwin H.; Bodine, Alfred VanSant, 1894-1966; Horton, Leonard M.; Rust, S. Murray, Jr.; Rabold, Frank C.; Neville, Harvey A. (Harvey Alexander), 1898-1983; Rathbone, Monroe Jackson; Glick, Elmer W.; Curtis, Edward A.; DuBois, Allen C.; Maginnes, E.; Maddox; Buck; Estes, William L.; Poole, Leonard P.; McFadden, Hugh P.; Sims, Ivor D.; Reed, Henry B. 25 men around table

8. BS1972 BS1972 Colbaugh, R.C., Jr.; Rust, S. Murray, Jr.

9. BS2142 BS2142 Murray, M.; McQuilken, Kim From Lehigh Alumni Bulletin, Spring 1975 (with 6 others)

10. AC01-11-39 AC01-11-39 Stabler, Donald B.; Goodman, Murray; Rauch, Philip; Martindale, Harry T. Around the architectural rendering of Rauch Business Center

11. F4699 F4699 Dunlap, Frederick H. (Fred); Happ, R.D.; Swartz, M.; Murray, G.A. From Lehigh Alumni Bulletin, Spring 1974

12. F4722 F4722 Saum, J.; Murray, M.; Vellecamp, R.; Kaufman, R.; Fleck, Thomas (Tom); Gratto, P.; 1050; 1956; 1948; 1968; 1962; From Lehigh Alumni Bulletin, Fall 1974

13. F5045 F5045 Murray, F.; Cofenas, Robert; 1932 From Lehigh Alumni Bulletin, Spring 1977 (on steps of building)

14. F5325 F5325 Gerb, David M.; Baldelli, A.[Baldelli, Essio J.?]; Snyder, F.; Murray, G.; Wehner, William G.; 1945 From Lehigh Alumni Bulletin, Reunion 1980 (5 men)

15. F6190 F6190 Alport, D.; Murray, G.; Marsh, N.; Gipson, Lawrence Henry, 1880-1971; Harlow, V.T. All identified

16. F8279 F8279 Murray H. Goodman Stadium 15 photos of contact sheet. spectators, players, game in action, and etc.

17. F8280 F8280 Likins, Peter W.; Lewis Seltzer, Catherine; Hoffman Corsa, Cheryl; Dimmick, Leonard R.; Lewis Dimmick, Emmeline Group posed next to dedication plaque fro lewis tennis center.

18. F8769 F8769 Hargreaves, Bruce; Summers, Betty; Williamson, Craig; Sands, Jeff; Dutt, Diane; Samollow, Paul; Kuchka, Mike; Bean, Barry; Ware, Vassie; Abel, Jack; Krawiec, Steve; Itzkowitz, Murray; Cundall, Dave; Herman, Sid; Pritchard, Den; Derbenwick; Jane; Krawiec, Margaret The molecular biology department: Bruce Hargreaves, Betty Summers, Craig Williamson, Jeff Sands, Diane Dutt, Paul Samollow, Mike Kuchka, Barry Bean, Vassie Ware, Jack Abel, Steve Krawiec, Murray Itzkowitz,...

19. BA13_07_01 BA13_07_01 Augur, Murray Blachley

20. F9320 F9320 Overhead view of Goodman Campus
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results 1-20 of 365 item(s)  page 1 of 19 : ( <<  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  >> ) :: previous : next
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