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Subject - Name
Nagel, Roger N., 1943- (3)
Phillips, Roger (2)
Barret, Cathy Speziale... (1)
Caruso, Michael J. (Mi... (1)
Clow, Roger (1)
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Year Range
1990-1995 (2)
1949 (1)
1991 (1)

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 Image: Reference: Subject - Name: Description / Note:

1. BS3783 BS3783 Clow, Roger Formal picture of Roger Clow

2. AC01-08-03 AC01-08-03 Penske, Roger; Bolton, Michael G. Roger Penske, left; Michael G. Bolton.

3. F7884 F7884 Nagel, Roger N., 1943- Roger nagel and five other students working on projects.

4. F7885 F7885 Nagel, Roger N., 1943- Roger nagel and five other students working on projects.

5. DE01-12-10 DE01-12-10 Simon, Roger; Daniels, Christine Lehigh Week, Volume 5, Issue 13, Page 7; ""A soggy professor Roger Simon along with assistant professor Christine Daniels, lead the ""American Urban History to 1880"" class through the streets of New York...

6. DE01-19-06 DE01-19-06 Phillips, Roger Lehigh Week, Volume 6, Issue 7, Page 10; ""The camera's eye caught Roger D. Phillips, left rear, watching as a baby is videotaped during an experiment in metaphorical mapping.

7. F4760 F4760 McQuilken, Kim; McFillin, Roger K.; 1974 From Lehigh Alumni Bulletin, Winter 1974 (with trophy)

8. F8120 F8120 Caruso, Michael J. (Mike) Mike Caruso walking into Hall of Fame.

9. F8121 F8121 Taylor Gym display case dedicated to Lehigh-Lafayette Rivalry.

10. F8122 F8122 Taylor Gym display case dedicated to History of Lehigh-Lafayette Rivalry.

11. F8179 F8179 Nagel, Roger N., 1943- Prof. nagel teaching three students.

12. F8822 F8822 Walters, Janet; Simon, Roger; Daniels, Christine; Cooper, Gail; Duffy,Ian; Saeger, James; Smith, John; Cutcliffe, Steve; Dowling, Joseph; Tipton, Leon; Phillips, Robert; Shade, William; Baylor, Michael; Peters,Thomas (from left, front row) Janet Walters, Roger Simon, Christine Daniels, Gail Cooper, Ian Duffy with daughter Sarah, and Jim Saeger (back row) John Smith, Steve Cutcliffe, Joe Dowling, Leon Tipton, Robert...

13. F8837 F8837 Barret, Cathy; Spezialetti, Madalene; Barada, Hassan; Varnerin, Lawrence; Jacoby, Linda; Corbesero, Steve; Tzeng, Kenneth; Frey, Doug; Decker, Richard; Jaccodine, Ralph; Talhelm, Donald; Blank, Glenn; Kay, Edwin; Nagel, Roger; Hatalis, Miltiadis; Barnes, Robert; Dingle, Adair; Orlosky, Kathy; Force, Edward; Frenick, Judy; Li, Weiping; Christodoulides, Dimitrios; Denton, Richard; Larky, Arthur; Hielscher, Frank; Freeman, William; Young, Donald; Adomsick, Charles (left to right) row 1: Cathy Barrett, Madalene Spezialetti, Hassan Barada, Lawrence Varnerin, Linda Jacoby and Steve Corbesero. Row 2: Kenneth Tzeng, Doug Frey, Richard Decker, Ralph Jaccodine, Donald...

14. F1103 F1103 Tall, L.; Fisher, John W., 1931-; Van Horn, David A.; Beedle, Lynn S.; Leibig, John O.; Driscoll, George C.; Ostapenko, Alexis; Yen, Ben T.; Fang, Hsai-Yang ; El-Ghamry, Osman A.; Hirst, T.J.; Brune, Arthur W.; Chen, W.F.; Davidson, H.L.; Slutter, Roger C From 1971 Epitome

15. AC01-27-04 AC01-27-04 Slane, Roger; Pense, Al; Pilzer, Scott; Mecklai, Hussein; Smith, John Recipients of the Humphrey Teaching Assistant Awards from Left to Right

16. DE01-12-04 DE01-12-04 Simon, Roger; Roth, Jeremi Lehigh Week, Volume 7, Issue 1, Page 3;"" Professor Simon assists Roth, of Ontairo, Canada, with a project comparing the constitutions of the US and Canada. A College Scholar, Roth is receiving 12 credits...

17. F4433 F4433 Penske, Roger S. From Lehigh Alumni Bulletin, Fall 1971

18. DE01-19-05 DE01-19-05 Phillips, Roger Wendy Thomas, left, '92, and Amy Bayless '92, right, chat with a mother before beginning an experiment

19. SC Photo 0008.01.08 SC Photo 0008.01.08 Lehigh University; Mustard and Cheese Drama Society; Davis, H. Barrett, Director of Mustard & Cheese
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results 1-19 of 19 item(s)  page 1 of 1 : ( <<  1  >> ) :: previous : next
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