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1. DE01-12-04 DE01-12-04 Simon, Roger; Roth, Jeremi Lehigh Week, Volume 7, Issue 1, Page 3;"" Professor Simon assists Roth, of Ontairo, Canada, with a project comparing the constitutions of the US and Canada. A College Scholar, Roth is receiving 12 credits...

2. BS0325 BS0325 Hardie; Storer; Stainer; Read; Adams; Moorehouse; Hoffman; Harms; Garman; Swinton; Greer; Roth; Springsteen; Cusick; Rote; Bessemer; Connell; 1921 Copy

3. BS0327 BS0327 Greer; Stevens; Jacobs; Merrill; Henderschott; Yeager; McGoldrick; Walker; Langfitt; Baldwin; Burke; Roth; Springsteen, W.W.; Storer; Sanford; Rogers; 1923 Copy

4. BS0435 BS0435 Burgess; Helfrich; Barthold; Hicks; Roth; Dieffenbach; Lawrie; Fancher; Karton; Schwargbach; Wright; Wight; Gerlach; Lamb; Riebe; Tate, M.B.; Cornell; Sharp; McGowan; Paret, M.P.; Davenport; Bray; Locke; Kanaly, Morris E.; Schragger; Trumbore; Markley; Meyer; 1920 28 men; copy

5. BS0437 BS0437 Walker; Buechley; Sanford; Johnston; Talmage; McPherson; Compher; Leister; Wingate; Kennedy; Zantzinger; Springsteen; Cook; Astarita; Roth; Burgess; Romoser; Siegmund; Bray; Carol; Lodge; Miller; Tyler; Erb; Wight; VanNort; Kanaly, Morris E.; Beggs; 1922 28 men; copy

6. BS0440 BS0440 Raleigh; Maxwell; Egolf; Cox; Bowler; Kanaly, Morris E.; Sheppard; Fulton; Barba; Glenn; Platt; Astaritra; Bayles; Gissriel; Smith; Best; Brandon; Swinton; Carol; Siegmund; Willis; Roth; Croll; Meyers; Hauser; 1924 25 men; copy

7. BS1664 BS1664 Cunningham; Molnar; Kramer; Nally; Chadwich; Wartman; Bonham; Emmerich; Grim; Roth F; Hagey; McIntyre; Kress; Patrick; Gold; Lempert; Baloga; Webster; Borgeson; Caraway, E.F.; 1946 Copy (Greenamoyer & Custer missing)

8. BS1665 BS1665 Cunningham; Roth; Conway; Lobell; Walter; Scanella; Serman; Greenamoyer; Nally; Borgeson; Bahmes; Zucher; Molnar; Caraway; Collins; Gold; Pearsall; Smith; Kress; Kramer; Ramsey; 1947 Copy

9. BS1671 BS1671 Maxwell; Eckhart; Harrington; Crawford; Yurek; Rowan; Dreesen; Gilmore; Wagner; Stotz; Gloede; Medovich; Pursell; Dukette; Packer; Roth; Reinhold; Naylor; Butz; Heiser; Furiness; Ringenbach; 1955 Copy

10. BS1672 BS1672 Hirsch; Marcy; Godin; Bayles; Crawford; Koch; Roth; Maxwell; Grauer; Wagner; Latta; Dominach; Weber; Smith; Packer; Reinhold; West; Walker; Dukette; Medovich; Naylor; Crichton; Hoogstraten; Ringenbach; 1956 Copy

11. BS1673 BS1673 Godin; Stoney; Harington; Homsher; Rebhan; Hoogstraten; Naylor; Smith; Dukette; Jones; Roepke; Koch; Roth; Christie; Reinhold; Watts; Williams; Rush; Packer; 1957 Copy

12. BS1766 BS1766 May; Pilzer; Schachter; Roth; Woisard; Pearl; Siegel; Greenstone; Skaller; 1954 Copy

13. BS1767 BS1767 Collins; Kaufman; Roth; May; Wright; Martin; Friedland; Siegel; Wind; Braunstein; Cornell; Dunlap; 1955 Copy

14. F1631 F1631 Wolfe, M.; Deal, J.; Roth, M.; Steinmann, R.; Plank, E.; Perlow, Michael, Jr. (Mike); Wilson, D.; Fetters, C.; Simpson, R.; Knoche, T. From 1971 Epitome

15. F9392 F9392 Jay Donchez, of Roth and Ellis Masonry, leveled out the center stone and set the final blocks

16. SC Photo 0008.02.09 SC Photo 0008.02.09 Lehigh University; Mustard and Cheese Drama Society; Davis, H. Barrett, Director of Mustard & Cheese

17. SC Photo 0008.02.08 SC Photo 0008.02.08 Lehigh University; Mustard and Cheese Drama Society; Davis, H. Barrett, Director of Mustard & Cheese
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results 1-17 of 17 item(s)  page 1 of 1 : ( <<  1  >> ) :: previous : next
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