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Subject - Name
Lehigh University Must... (6)
Smith, R.e.; 1894 (3)
Smith, Robert M. (3)
Harlow Mallimson Smith... (2)
Heine Lowman Miller Ma... (2)
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Year Range
1960? (73)
1886 (2)
1887 (2)
1906 (2)
1927 (2)
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1. BS0316 BS0316 Wood; Smith, J.H.; Smith, E.C.; Black; Knox; Smith, R.P.; Kitchell; Martin; Schenck; Gordon; Treat; Cox; Billheimer; Reese; Reard; Lawson; Wylie; 1909 Copy

2. BS1581 BS1581 Williams; Law; Smith, M.J.; Pakenham; Stevens; O'Neil; Boyle; Robinson; Shigo; Smith, W.; Lister; Allen; Wendell; Schwimmer; Mitchell; McBride; Groner; Abel; Maxwell; Springsteen; Gruhn; Mackenzie; Buck; Widdowfield; 1924 Copy

3. BS1582 BS1582 Law, J.G.; Roberts; Fullard; Stevens; Williams; O'Neil; Gruhn; Davis Law, H.; Pakenham; Smith, Wesley R.; Godshalk; Lisler; Morgan; Widdowfield; Robinson; Groner; Smith MS; Wardell; Schwimmer; Mapes; 1925 Copy

4. BS1590 BS1590 Prall; Falkner; Heller; Retzer; Taylor; Nisbet; Snavely; Gonzalez; Gummere; Wait; Gruhn; Brownlee; Dormin; Smith, C.; Root; Smith, B.; Lattig; Hickok; Silver; Hertslet; Short; Kolyer; Mommers; Jacobi; Wildman; Groff; Hutten; O'Brien; Kelly; Charlton; Hill; 1933 Copy (ran out of room for names)

5. F5525 F5525 Kochon, L.; Kochon, M.; Visbisky, R.; Visbisky, K.; Schaeffer, A.; Schaeffer, F.; Smith, A.; Smith, D.; 1948; 1979; 1958; 1982; 1950 From Lehigh Alumni Bulletin, Fall 1978 (father-son combos)

6. CX364 CX364 Mayer, W.; Sicard, M.; Mudge, Mrs.; Frick, R.; Sicard, G.; Frick, Mrs.; Gummere, Mr.; Sicard, C.; Drisler, A.; Gummere, William Henry; Jones, D.; Gughert, H.; Harleman, A.; Cornwell, D.; Smith, P.; Booth, E.J.; HardCastle; Smith, C.; Felix, S.; HardCastle, F.; Childs, G.; McNabb, J.; Mudge, L.; Dodson, D. 112th convention at alpha of pa; (65 persons in all)

7. CX252 CX252 Woolley, P.; Leidy, J.; Lake, E.; Sudholtz, L.; Kittelberger; Pennington, C.; Lynch, C.; Britton, C.; Schwartz, F.; Metz, J.; Cottrell; Osborn, Harry Brooks, Jr.; Kear, Frank Gregg; Maise, D.; Molitor, A.; Welch, M.; Eisenbrown, P.; Hansen, W.; Roudabush, B.; Vaughn, D.; Stevenson, F.; Smith, R.; 1925-26 From 1927 Epitome

8. CX448 CX448 Wilks; Wightman; Fulton; Topping; Simmons; Leonhards; Dietrichson; Johnson; Cornell, H.; Chapman; Wentz; Lindenhayn; Gotthard; Smith; Berg, A.; Chapman; Scheid; Reider; Ball; Antrim; Wascher; Hall; Cooney; Pedrick; Hooper; Beck; Barnes; Bunce; Miller; Bushey; Hynson; Odell; Dough, T.V.; Schaffer; Hottester; Schiel; Vernon; Griffith Theta Xi fraternity students. Photograph published in the Epitome 1936.

9. CX535 CX535 Smith, Richard

10. BS0292 BS0292 Nicholson; Davis, Charles Belmont; Davis, Richard Harding, 1864-1916; O'Malley, Joseph Michael; Frauenthal, Harry William; Smith; Ledoux, John Walter; Robeson, Jacob Shotwell; Hedley, Robert Rist; Voorhees, Samuel Stockton; Bradford, William; Neilson, George Harrison; 1884 Copy

11. BS0293 BS0293 Lewis, W. Deming (Willard Deming), 1915-1989; Dougherty; Howard; Wetzell; Pierce; Ledoux; Williams; Wilson; Smith; Lee; Polk; 1885 Copy

12. BS0311 BS0311 Brumbaugh; Lawyer; Dunn; Strauss; Herman; Pyne; Stocker; Draper; Gott; Sheridan; Bachman; Johnson, S.S.; Smith; 1905 Copy

13. BS0313 BS0313 Wigton; Smith; Sharkley; Burlingame; Mandell; Westerbeeke; Spiers; Brumbaugh; Olcott; Troutman; Treat; Landis; Black; Anderson; Street; 1908 Copy

14. BS0324 BS0324 Pons; Savaria; Liston; Rote; Lipkin; Wilson; Smith, L.; Simendinger; Henzelman; Ooldman; Honeyman; De Wysocki; Johnson, V.E.; Spagna; McDonald; Harrington; Booth; Saxman; 1919 Copy

15. BS0387 BS0387 Wilkins; Clark; Kanady; McIlhiney; Jacobs; Crockett; Rich; Broughal; Smith; Bayer; Taussig; Langdon; 1934 12 men; copy

16. BS0388 BS0388 Sheridan; Cleeves; Hildebrand; Jessup; Kanaly; Wilkens; Broughal; Healy; Smith; Langdon; Clark; 1935 11 men; copy

17. BS0391 BS0391 Kimberley; Marshall; Siebold; Compton; Whiting; Bleiler; Smith; Kanaly; McClenachan; Schneider; Whitmore; Evans; Wooters; Elmer; Lennox; Gsellak; 1939 16 men; copy

18. BS0395 BS0395 Sisenhauer; Manley; Smith; Berlin; Beiler; Wiley; Church; Fischer; Hoyt; Murphy; Crislip; Schneiders; Reinhardt; Yarbro; 1949 14 men; copy

19. BS0400 BS0400 Rittenhouse; Smith; Bayles; Gilbert; Shaner; Zeigler; Shea; Foote; Randall; Podgursky; Krehbiel; Hughes; Steckbeck; Williams; Fotorny; Beach; Goldstein; 1956 17 men; copy

20. BS0401 BS0401 Rittenhouse; Smith; Bayles; Gilbert; Shaner; Zeigler; Foote; Randall; Podgursky; Krehbiel; Hughes; Steckbeck; Williams; Fotorny; Beach; Goldstein; 1956 17 men; copy
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results 1-20 of 165 item(s)  page 1 of 9 : ( <<  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  >> ) :: previous : next
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