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Alexander, W.h.; 1916 (1)
Bachman, W.h.; 1905 (1)
Baker, f.; Gadd, L.l.;... (1)
Carrier, W.h.; 1935 (1)
Chester, W.h.; 1889 (1)
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Year Range
1960? (2)
1885 (1)
1886 (1)
1889 (1)
1895 (1)
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1. BS0831 BS0831 Herr, G.D.; Schroedl; Edwards, Y.B.; Reese, L.P.R.; Mohr, W.H.; Davies, T.R.; Tice, H.W.; Cox, H.R.; 1910-11 Copy; includes info.

2. BS0300 BS0300 Baker, F.; Gadd, L.L.; Thurston, J.W.; Keys, J.; Okeson, Walter Raleigh; Stratford, H.R.; Houston, E.A.; Best, J.W.; Roderick, T.C.; Wooden, W.H.; McClung, M.; Ordway, G.; Floyd, R.D.; Trafton, C.E.; 1893 Copy

3. F5317 F5317 Farber, Hobart A.; Forstall, Edward L.; Johnson; Ketcham, B.T.; Newhall; Rich; Rudy, W.D.; Schlasman, W.H.; Stroman; 1920 From Lehigh Alumni Bulletin, Reunion 1980 (7 men, some missed picture call)

4. BS0027 BS0027 Williams, W.H.; Parke, H.G.; Williams, Edward H. (Edward Higginson), 1824-1905; Williams, W.; Tau Beta Pi Historical marker at birthplace of EH Williams, founder, in Proctorville, VT.

5. BS2056 BS2056 Kelchner, W.H.; Kelchner, Mrs.; 1915 From Lehigh Alumni Bulletin, Fall 1971

6. CX141 CX141 Hess, H.C.; Waesche, W.H.; Carmichael; Trafford; Miles; Travis, J.T.; Wolmart, W.F.; Nutting, H.C.; Giles, E.M.; Zug, C.; Winchester, R.C.; Hoffman, K.L.; Bell, D.S.; Maxwell, John W.; Bond, Nelson Leighton; 1927 15 men

7. CY022 CY022 Womrath, G.F.; Richmond, C.D.; Jessup, A.B.; Ferriday, E.C.; Miller, W.H.; Lehman, T.G.; Lord, C.W.; Pettinos, C.E.; Meyers, F.J.; Reinecke, W.; Taylor, J.; Lines, H.S.; Hyatt, W.S.; Womrath, A.R.; Miller, J.S.; 1895 16 men with instruments

8. CX042 CX042 Smith, Frank S.; Coleman, C.P.; Doolittle, A.; Fisher, H.S.; Frazier, Kenneth; Stokes, W.H.; Carson, H.M.; Farwell, W.D.; Howe, W.E.; 1886-87 Note and identification on back

9. CX053 CX053 Wilson, H.D.; Yen, T.C.S.; Nolan, J.J.; Harleman, Samuel T.; Symington, J.F.; Enzian, C.; Burns, T.; Murphy, E.T.; Startsmen, C.W.; Grubb, P.L.; Menough, L.D.; Morris, R.C.; Bleckridge, W.H.; Gearhart, F.B.; Evans, C.; Flory, John H.; Krause, L.G.; Stauffer, H.S.; Laubenstein, A.R.; Laubach, S.T.; Ehlers, W.A.; 1901 21 men (and 2 children)

10. CX014 CX014 Richardson, G.M.; Howe, M.A.; Stokes, W.H.; Loyd, R.; Clapp, C.E.; Mills, William Wirt; Frazier, Kenneth; 1885-86 7 men

11. CY019 CY019 Grace, Eugene G. (Eugene Gifford), 1876-1960; Wetthaufer; Spiers, W.H.; Rodney; Gearhart, F.B.; Bailey; Hollingsworth; Reddig, J. Burr; White; Pomeroy; Grace, John W. (Gator), Jr.; Carman; James; Reed; 1899 14 men, in uniform with equipment (same as cy098)

12. BS0041 BS0041 Bachman, W.H.; 1905 45th reunion

13. BS2086 BS2086 Alexander, W.H.; 1916 From Lehigh Alumni Bulletin, Spring 1972

14. F1323 F1323 Carrier, W.H.; 1935

15. BA12_23 BA12_23 Chester, W.H.; 1889

16. F3065 F3065 Stokes, W.H.; 1888 Autographed

17. F3313 F3313 Dean, W.H.; 1886 Autographed
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results 1-17 of 17 item(s)  page 1 of 1 : ( <<  1  >> ) :: previous : next
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