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Subject - Name
Wilson, Harold, 1913- (11)
Wilson, Ralph L., D. 1... (6)
Harding, Hugh Wilson (3)
Neville, Harvey (3)
Bellinger, Bob Wilson,... (2)
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Year Range
1960? (23)
1960-1965 (4)
1920? (3)
1890? (2)
1896 (2)
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 Image: Reference: Subject - Name: Description / Note:

1. F5412 F5412 Wilson, R.; Curtis, Edward A.; 1921; 1925 From Lehigh Alumni Bulletin, Winter 1978

2. BS1578 BS1578 Childs, G.L.; Bush; Pancoast; Wilson, A.T.; O'Neil, W.T.; Brumbaugh; Wilson, E.; Greene; Muzdakis; Drew, L.L.; Enslin; Hocker; Strauch; Jenness; Maurer; Bertolet; Parker; Schultz; Gonzales; 1921 Copy

3. F2410 F2410 Display, showing Wilson plaque

4. F2414 F2414 Display, showing wilson plaque

5. F2415 F2415 Wilson, R.L.; 1921 With 3 women (his family?)

6. F2416 F2416 Wilson, Ralph L., d. 1979; 1921 Closeup of plaque

7. F8207 F8207 Wilson, John L., 1946- John Wilson and a student sitting in front of a computer.

8. CX433 CX433 Merriman, Mansfield, 1848-1925; Wilson, Winter Lincoln; Thayer, Horace R. (Horace Richmond), b. 1873; Turrill, Sherman M.; Gay, R.W.; Firth, Joseph; C+Z11396lass of 1906 Faculty and the students of civil engineering Class of 1906 posed on the steps.

9. CX434 CX434 Wilson, Winter Lincoln; Merriman, Mansfield, 1848-1925; Dufour, F.O.; Schneider, H.; Class of 1900 Faculty and the students of Civil Engineering Class of 1900 posed on the steps.

10. BS0263 BS0263 Wilson, J.T.

11. BS0293 BS0293 Lewis, W. Deming (Willard Deming), 1915-1989; Dougherty; Howard; Wetzell; Pierce; Ledoux; Williams; Wilson; Smith; Lee; Polk; 1885 Copy

12. BS0324 BS0324 Pons; Savaria; Liston; Rote; Lipkin; Wilson; Smith, L.; Simendinger; Henzelman; Ooldman; Honeyman; De Wysocki; Johnson, V.E.; Spagna; McDonald; Harrington; Booth; Saxman; 1919 Copy

13. BS0329 BS0329 Schall; Wilson; Burke; Littel; Morris; O'Callahan; Cannon; Arnold; Levin; Cheel; Mellinger; Merrill; Hess; Herman; Bond; 1925 Copy

14. BS0331 BS0331 Moore; Lehr, A.; Brennen; Levitz, J.; Trantum; Ayers; Blackmar, William Edgar; Johnston; Crewe; Clayton; Martindale; Miller; Landis; Bennett; Raleigh; Brunning; Burke, T.J.; Weiner; Levitz, B.; Wilson; 1927 Copy

15. BS0341 BS0341 Heldt; Westerman; Kirkpatrick; Blackler; Rosenbloom; Nelson; Collins; Harmeson; Famighetti; Campbell; Feucht; Broadway; Snyder; Wilson; Jamieson; Nordt; Berg; Sterngold; Hoppock; Bayer; Small; Frey; Ellstrom; Woodring; Janczyn; Cox; Beriont; 1937 Copy

16. BS0347 BS0347 Stevens; Jones, R.R.; Johnson; Brownlee; Shafer; Jorgenson; Redline; LaSasso; Swenson; Bowman; Dittmar; Jones, R.H.; Serman; Heck; Moyer; Mitchell; Graham; Levine; Murray; Mountsier; Diehl; Jones, J.; Denham; Isaac; Case; Wilson; Tomasic; Hoch; Kuhar; Shaver; 1946 (ran out of room for names) copy

17. BS0379 BS0379 Cunningham; Lang; Fine; Kanaly, Morris E.; Roberts, Fiscus; Wilson; Barba; Chickering; Aitken; Laudig; Sames; 1926 12 men; copy

18. BS0380 BS0380 Adams; Laird; Wilson, Warren E.; Kanaly, Morris; Fiscus; Beerman; Aitken, Donald G.; Lange, George D.; Chickering, Kenneth B.; Sames, Harry B.; Gadd, Robert F.; 1927 11 men; copy

19. BS0461 BS0461 Pruett; Gareson; Fabian; Wilson; Huber; Spilsbury; Nimmo; Pike; Heck; Kladuiko; Hughes; Gordon; Brown; Connover; Berla; Parsons; Given; Douglas; Storck; Paraby; Brown, H.; Kishbaugh; Anderson; Hartshorne; Lewis; Lake; Easer; Stevens; Thomson; 1946 29 men; copy

20. BS0632 BS0632 Evans, C.; Girdler, T. M. (Tom Mercer), 1877-1965; Wilson, H.D.; 1901 In academic gowns
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results 1-20 of 139 item(s)  page 1 of 7 : ( <<  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  >> ) :: previous : next
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