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Wait, J. Russell Zahni... (29)
Wait, J. Russell Zahni... (2)
Wright, Benjamin (2)
Wright, Edward Austin ... (2)
1896 (1)
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1960? (20)
1940? (11)
1921 (10)
1930? (6)
1940 (4)
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1. F9218 F9218 Wright, Benjamin Professor Benjamin Wright, assistant professor of religion studies, reads from "In the Night Kitchen" by Maurice Sendak for "Banned Books: a Celebration of Freedom"

2. CX363a CX363a Bennet; Matter; Conneen, John K. (Jack); Many, Robert H., Jr. (Bob); Lente; Bullard, Dexter?; Herbruck, Robert A.; Wright; Donald L.; Ollen; Jones; Letowt, Ziggy G.; Simonson, Lloyd; Lincoln, Robert J.; Storm, T.; Blackmar, William Edgar; 1930 15 men around flagpole in caps

3. BS0426 BS0426 Browne; Keyes; Wotring; VanNort; Todd; Davidson; Greene; Howard; Wright; Keith; Burns; Tinges; Schultz; Williams; Bickley; Bailey; Streets; Tall; Wagner; Mickel; McLaughlin; 1912 21 men; copy

4. BS0435 BS0435 Burgess; Helfrich; Barthold; Hicks; Roth; Dieffenbach; Lawrie; Fancher; Karton; Schwargbach; Wright; Wight; Gerlach; Lamb; Riebe; Tate, M.B.; Cornell; Sharp; McGowan; Paret, M.P.; Davenport; Bray; Locke; Kanaly, Morris E.; Schragger; Trumbore; Markley; Meyer; 1920 28 men; copy

5. BS0436 BS0436 Zatzinger; Wight; Meyers; Burgess; Carlisle; Wingate; Rogers; VanBilliard; Barthold; Harper; Carol; Greenall; Hoffman; Huggins; Kanaly, Morris E.; Talmage; Waltz; Springsteen; Bray; Locke; McPherson; Good; VanNort; Wright; Lodge; Lamb; Schragger; Leister; Best; 1921 31 men; copy

6. BS0443 BS0443 Lasher; Helmstaedter; Wright; Gisreil; Levitz; Kanaly, Morris E.; Chickering; Hill; Weinstein; Wagner; Aitken; Billmeyer; Clayton; Shonk; 1927 14 men; copy

7. BS0444 BS0444 Sames; Straub; Monie; Wright; Goodlove; Levitz; Kanaly, Morris E.; Fine; Pickslay; Young; Wagner; Hunt; Chickering; Trantum; Lasher; Girdler; Clayton; Many; Jones; Lange; Daly; Blackman; Smith; Hartman; Castles; Sickles; Jacobi; 1928 28 men; copy

8. BS0445 BS0445 Kuntz; Latremore; Frederick; Kanaly, Morris E.; Jones; Morhart; Inaba; Stanton; Whitehead; Monroe; Levitz; Sames; Many; Lohmeyer; Wright; Barnes; Lamb; Friedrich; Lange; 1929 19 men; copy

9. BS0446 BS0446 Minsker; Hunt; Frazier; Forsyth; Whitehead; Kuntz; Yates; Klippert; Carlin; Latremore; Friedrich; Chandler; Lamb; Earl; Many; Kanaly, Morris E.; Morhart; Sievering; Wright; Barnes; Maharay; 1930 21 men; copy

10. BS0448 BS0448 Roessle; Ruhf; Lathrop; Rorty; Withrow; Holohan; Kanaly, Morris E.; Klippert; Meissner; Hoffman; Fluck; Mitchell; Pangburn; Earl; Forsyth; Jurden; Fuller; Chandler, Lee T.; Rothenberg; Gold; Burk Warren; McLeod; Lambert; Kennedy; Wright; Taft; Gibbs; Weldon; Mills; 1932 (ran out of room for names) copy

11. BS0474 BS0474 McNally; Martindale; Hay; Driscoll; Shaner; Oldershaw; Corson; Shaw; Wright; Adam; Goldstein; Foster; Long; Harris; Rumpf; Gage; Hensch; Jones; Rich; O'Ryan; Holden; Halfacre; Christian; 1959 23 men; copy

12. BS0476 BS0476 Gottlieb; Frankel; Shlers; Owsley; Bayer; Clark; Young, D.; Eby; Thomas; Bradley; Stevens; Richardson; Wright; Parker; Halfacre; Kruprick; Gage F; Bradway; Levinson; Hoyt; Pringle; Jones; Mercer; Hofstetter; Christian; 1961 25 men; copy

13. BS0619 BS0619 Wright, H.

14. BS0920 BS0920 Geary; Rickart; Hesse; Schultz; Wright; Bennett; Berman; Billmeyer; Many; Marcus; 1928 Copy; includes info.

15. BS0936 BS0936 Waldor; Schwartz; Prendergast; Goeller; Wetherhold; Compton; Richard; Jones; Belmonte; Rehnert, F.; Wright; Rehnert, C.; 1946 Copy; includes info.

16. BS1625 BS1625 Price; Keady; Wright; Bowen; Rapp; Albright; Tapking; O'Keefe; MacHardy; Bell; Pazzetti; Chenoweth, Albert Wayne; 1913 Copy

17. BS1767 BS1767 Collins; Kaufman; Roth; May; Wright; Martin; Friedland; Siegel; Wind; Braunstein; Cornell; Dunlap; 1955 Copy

18. BS1769 BS1769 Sullivan; Wright; Scarlett; Wind; Leeman; Kayne; Weiss; Bollinger; Jacobi; 1957 Copy

19. BS1820 BS1820 Davis; Vaglin; Wright; Cohn; Holzer; Nemitz; Boutsikaris; McElfresh; Stetten; Jackson; Adams; Nesslage; Rees; Bethke; Freed; Wismer; Wimmer; 1958-1959 Copy

20. BS1823 BS1823 Dean; Fry; Papalco; Bywater; Wright; Ddunleavy; Marshak; Seiden; Walder; Billings; Pocze; 1961-1962 Copy
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results 1-20 of 79 item(s)  page 1 of 4 : ( <<  1  2  3  4  >> ) :: previous : next
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