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Richards, Joseph Willi... (3)
Matsko, Suzanne Dreyes... (2)
1913; (1)
1976 (1)
Amstutz, Edward D. (1)
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Year Range
1960? (17)
1893 (3)
1990-1995 (2)
1889 (1)
1897-1899 (1)
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1. F8458 F8458 Young, Alan Alan Young is about to receive an award

2. BS0322 BS0322 Sheridan; Alden; McCarthy; Richards; MacIsaacs; Johnson; Brunner; Quist; Pons; deWysocki; McCarthy, K.; Albert Wayne; Knoss; MacDonald; Halsted; Maginnes; Tate; Robinson; Good; Bach; Harrington; Hurley; Young; Becker; Pursel; Ayrault; 1916 Copy

3. BS0323 BS0323 Booth; Spagna; Maginnes, Albert B.; Alden; Boquel; Wysocki; Earley; Heuchel; McCarthy; McDonald; Saxman; Halstead; Harrington; Maginnes D; Lind; Rhoades; Young; Savaris; 1917 Copy

4. BS0405 BS0405 Martindale, Wight, Jr.; Hay; Gordon; Wiesner; McNally; Young; Metzer; Hawkins; Galyon; Frickert; Parnell; Adam; Bayles; Campbell; 1959 14 men; copy

5. BS0407 BS0407 Farman; Bayer; Young; Parnell; Methlie; Growley; Mercer; Pringle; Leeman; Gowin; Bagley; Galyon; Richardson; Bayles; 1960 14 men; copy

6. BS0408 BS0408 Forman; Bayer; Young; Parnell; Methlie; Growley; Mercer; Pringle; Leeman; Gowin; Bagley; Galyon; Richardson; Bayles; 1960 14 men; copy

7. BS0411 BS0411 Bavington; Davenport; Hamer; Young; Weiksner; Kotow; Succop; 1963 7 men; copy

8. BS0412 BS0412 Moser; Lucuski; Succop; Bavington; Thiele; Young; Krizauskas; Hamer; Steffen; Echternach; Brisotti; Weiksner; Feroe; Christensen; Kotow; Martin; 1964 16 men; copy

9. BS0422 BS0422 Tremlette; Dawson; Morris; Willgoose; VanBlarcom; Couch; Shaw; Gilligan; Dunning; Crocker; Aman; Young; Riley; 1908 13 men; copy

10. BS0444 BS0444 Sames; Straub; Monie; Wright; Goodlove; Levitz; Kanaly, Morris E.; Fine; Pickslay; Young; Wagner; Hunt; Chickering; Trantum; Lasher; Girdler; Clayton; Many; Jones; Lange; Daly; Blackman; Smith; Hartman; Castles; Sickles; Jacobi; 1928 28 men; copy

11. BS0475 BS0475 Frankel; Young; Hay; Martindale; Bradley; Bayer; Halfacre; Oren; Bradway; Shlers; Jones; Stevens; Metzger; Christian; 1960 14 men; copy

12. BS0476 BS0476 Gottlieb; Frankel; Shlers; Owsley; Bayer; Clark; Young, D.; Eby; Thomas; Bradley; Stevens; Richardson; Wright; Parker; Halfacre; Kruprick; Gage F; Bradway; Levinson; Hoyt; Pringle; Jones; Mercer; Hofstetter; Christian; 1961 25 men; copy

13. BS0477 BS0477 Davenport; Frankel; Owsley; Oren; Shlers; McCord; Young; Bradley; Thomas; Carothers; Parker; Stevens; Eby; Bayer; Mayland; Halfacre; Jones; Pringle; Mitschele; Low; Hotchkiss; Krupnick; Hoyt; Horch; 1962 24 men; copy

14. BS0858 BS0858 Young; Small; Ford; Sterngold; Hagerman; Sheridan; Allen; Stone; Bishop; Masem; Burnett; 1937-38 Copy; includes info.

15. BS0970 BS0970 Young; Shively; Symington; Barlow; Hartzog; Girdler; Enzian; Lattig; Degener; Farabaugh; Morris; Peck; Tunstall; Walters; Hageman; Olpp; Flemming; Miller; 1901 Copy; includes info.

16. BS1139 BS1139 Daves, G. Doyle, Jr.; Kulp, Stuart S.; Young, T.E. From 1986 newsletter

17. BS1591 BS1591 D'Ollier; Schrader; Olwine; Suman; DeGrouchy; Gunn; Lawson; Smith; Gilbert; Bassett; Combes; Seegar; Humphrey; Hardy; Purdy; Wallick; Johnston; Young; Lynn; Meyerhoff; Stevens; Collins; Fulton; Wachtel; Dowling; Vincenti; Sullivan; Sheridan; Baldwin; 1946 Copy

18. BS1783 BS1783 Swope; Tremlett; Sturgus; Bley; Young; Johnson; Collins; VanBlarcon; Jannus; 1908-1909 Copy

19. BS1895 BS1895 Reid; Parker; Carter; Haupt; Kasford; Reitz; Fenhel; Hoyt; Thompson; Saydah; Young; Roberts; 1948-1949 Copy (can't read all names)

20. F1516 F1516 Brace, Richard; Wojciechowski, William. A..; Surico, Jospeh C.; Young, C.; Marsh, J.; Shellenberger, S.; Stauffer, Glen; 1970 From 1971 Epitome
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results 1-20 of 94 item(s)  page 1 of 5 : ( <<  1  2  3  4  5  >> ) :: previous : next
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