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Richards, Charles Russ (16)
Lehigh University Must... (2)
""the Climb&... (1)
#23 (Left to Right). K... (1)
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Year Range
1972 (6)
1965 (2)
1991 (2)
1992 (1)

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 Image: Reference: Subject - Name: Description / Note:

1. F8170 F8170 Electrical engineering students working on a project

2. F7990 F7990 Female student decorating t-shirt with brush.

3. DE01-12-04 DE01-12-04 Simon, Roger; Roth, Jeremi Lehigh Week, Volume 7, Issue 1, Page 3;"" Professor Simon assists Roth, of Ontairo, Canada, with a project comparing the constitutions of the US and Canada. A College Scholar, Roth is receiving 12 credits...

4. BS1062 BS1062 3 students with art project

5. BS1063 BS1063 4 students & teacher with art project

6. BS1064 BS1064 Students with art project

7. BS1065 BS1065 Students and teachers with art project

8. BS1066 BS1066 Students and teachers with art project

9. BS1067 BS1067 Students and teacher with art project

10. F8744 F8744 McLaughlin, Erin; Ocampo, Ramon McLaughlin, Erin; Ocampo, Ramon display project in Chandler-Ullmann

11. F8746 F8746 Gao, Yongming; Korsos, Monika; Hadlow, Robert, Historian; Ussler, Christine; Theodoropoulos, Christine; Chamberlin, William; DeLony, Eric #21, Gao, Yongming of People's Republic of China. International Students Orientation, 8/20/91, Whitaker Lobby. Neg. 23-34. 1991-Cast and Wrought Iron Bridge Documentation Project Presentation. Chandler-Ullmann...

12. AC01-15-02 AC01-15-02 ""The Climb"" located on lawn & porch of Drown Hall, project by 4 students in Sculpture I

13. AC01-22-08 AC01-22-08 Dent, Charles Part of ""Documentation, the Leonardo Da Vinci's Horse Project"" for a masterpeice Da Vinci planned, but never completed

14. AC01-24-15 AC01-24-15 Omara, Ahmed A.; He, Jun; Chen fang-Shyuan Display their project posters. The students received the S.W. Kung Award for their presentations.

15. AC01-30-02 AC01-30-02 Everett, Fred; Zimmers, Emory; Figueroa, Howard While Fred Everett '92 works in Mohler Lab, Prof. Emory Zimmers & Howard Figueros (Right), IBM VP of commericial and industrial relations, Allentown, discuss new workstation project

16. F1846 F1846 Students with art project

17. DE01-04-04 DE01-04-04 Contakes, Stephen Arts and Science Newsletter Spring '93 for Chemistry

18. DE01-18-12 DE01-18-12 Schmidt, Jack W.; Arzillo, Paul; Korzuch, Tom; Licari, Frank Jack W. Schmidt, international president of SAE, Paul Arzillo '92, president of student chapter, Tom Korzuch, with Dill Products in Norristown, Frank Licari, engineer on sections board of Air Products...

19. DE01-18-05 DE01-18-05 C, Mike; Ochs, John; Evans, Mike, Cal, Chris ""MechE Project""

20. F9775 F9775 Richards, Charles Russ Project of Lehigh Dean of Engineering, Charles Russ Richards
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results 1-20 of 47 item(s)  page 1 of 3 : ( <<  1  2  3  >> ) :: previous : next
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