1. Album of designs of the Phoenix Bridge Company : successors to Clarke, Reeves & Co., Phoenixville Bridge Works. (1885)
  2. Album of designs of the Phoenixville Bridge-Works / by Clarke, Reeves & Co. (1873)
  3. American iron bridges : abstract of the discussion upon a paper / submitted by Zerah Colburn ; edited by Charles Manby and James Forrest. (1867)
  4. American versus English methods of bridge designing. (1886)
  5. Bridge disasters in America : the cause and the remedy / by George L. Vose. (1887)
  6. Bridge-building : being the author's original work, published in 1847, with an appendix containing corrections, additions & explanations suggested by subsequent experience, to which is annexed an original article on the doctrine of central forces / by S. Whipple. (1869)
  7. Bridging the Hudson at Poughkeepsie, N.Y. : for a short, direct through railway route from the coal fields to New England and from the East to the West connecting Boston, Providence, Worchester, Springfield, Hartford, Waterbury, the iron ore and marble regions of Dutchess County, Poughkeepsie, and the Hudson River with Scranton, Easton, the Delaware River, the coal and oil fields, Harrisburgh, Pittsburg, and the West by a route saving from eighty to one hundred miles in distance. (1871)
  8. Cable making for suspension bridges : with special reference to the cables of the East River bridge / by Wilhelm Hildenbrand. (1877)
  9. Delaware River Bridge construction photographs. (1921-1926)
  10. Description of the iron bridge over the Connecticut River on the Hartford & New Haven R. R. : with a brief history of iron bridges / by Theo. G. Ellis. (1866)
  11. The designing of ordinary iron highway bridges / by J.A.L. Waddell. (1884)
  12. A discussion of the general principles involved in the construction and action of the isometrical truss bridge / by Charles MacDonald. (1867)
  13. An elementary and practical treatise on bridge building : an enlarged and improved edition of the author's original work / by S. Whipple. (1873)
  14. Final report of John A. Roebling, Civil Engineer : to the presidents and directors of the Niagara Falls Suspension and Niagara Falls International Bridge Companies, May 1, 1855. (1855)
  15. A full and complete description of the Covington and Cincinnati suspension bridge with dimensions and details of construction / by E. F. Farrington. (1867)
  16. General theory of bridge construction : containing demonstrations of the principles of the art and their application to practice, furnishing the means of calculating the strains upon the chords, ties, braces, counter-braces, and other parts of a bridge or frame of any description with practical illustrations / by Herman Haupt. (1888)
  17. Illustrated pamphlet of wrought iron bridges built by Wrought Iron Bridge Company, Canton, Ohio. (1884)
  18. Long and short span railway bridges / by John A. Roebling. (1869)
  19. McCallum's inflexible arched truss bridge : explained and illustrated / by D. C. McCallum. (1859)
  20. Modern examples of road and railway bridges : illustrating the most recent practice of leading engineers in Europe and America / by William H. Maw and James Dredge. (1872)
  21. The New York and Brooklyn Bridge. (1883)
  22. Pecos viaduct on the line of the Southern Pacific Railway in Texas : designed, constructed and erected by the Phoenix Bridge Co., 1892. (1892)
  23. Pneumatic tower foundations of the East River suspension bridge. / W.A.Roebling. (1873)
  24. Practical treatise on the construction of iron highway bridges for the use of town committees : together with a short essay upon the application of the principles of the lever to a ready analysis of the strains upon the more customary forms of beams and trusses / by Alfred P. Boller. (1876)
  25. Report of Board of Consulting Engineers appointed to recommend a plan for the New York and Long Island bridge across the East River at Blackwell's Island. (1877)
  26. Report of John A. Roebling, C.E., to the president and directors of the New York Bridge Company, on the proposed East River bridge. (1867)
  27. Report of the Chief Engineer of East River bridge, on prices of materials and estimated cost of the structure: June 28, 1872. (1872)
  28. Report of the city engineer to the Board of Common Council of the City of St. Louis in relation to a bridge across the Mississippi River at St. Louis. (1865)
  29. Report on a rail-way suspension bridge across the Connecticut, at Middletown, with a proposal for its construction, to a committee of the citizens of Hartford / by Charles Ellet, Jr. (1848)
  30. A review of the Lehigh Valley R.R. bridge over the Delaware River at Easton, Pa. (1879)
  31. A treatise on bridge architecture in which the superior advantages of the flying pendent lever bridge are fully proved : with an historical account and description of different bridges erected in various parts of the world, from an early period, down to the present times. (1811)

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