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Arthur Cayley
Robert Harley

Professor Steven H. Weintraub of the Lehigh University Mathematics department researched the mathematical, historical, and biographical significance of the materials from Arthur Cayley in this collection. He was assisted in his efforts by the Archives and Special Collections Librarian, Ilhan Citak, and the Science Librarian, Brian Simboli.

Source Documents:

A memoir on the quintic equation / by Prof. Cayley.
This manuscript consists of several drafts of a mathematical paper, which was incomplete at the time of Cayley's death.
Arthur Cayley letters to Robert Harley, 1859-1863.
Many of these letters deal with details of invariant-theoretic calculations that Cayley and Harley performed.


Description of Cayley's life and work.
Additional resources about Cayley, Harley, and their work.
Annotations on selected letters from this collection.
Theory: Invariant Theory and Quadratic Polynomials (PDF)
Presents a connection between invariant theory and the solution of quadratic equations for the general reader.
Advanced Theory: Invariant Theory and Higher Order Polynomials (PDF)
Discusses the discriminant in more detail for the professional mathematician.
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