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Essays on Texts

The main focus of the essays in this section will be on print texts about Pocahontas. Other essay sections will focus on images of her, films about her, and other selected topics.

Sarah Ballan
Redeeming the Incidental Indian
Sierra Burris
The Role of Pocahontas during the Debate over Early Nineteenth-Century Indian Removal Policies
Devin Day
The Naked Child Continues Her Somersaults: William T. Vollman's Representations of Pocahontas as Myth in Argall
Michael King
When Fiction Wins: John Davis and the Emergence of a Romantic Pocahontas
Jack Nilles
Telling Truth or Telling Lies: An Examination of the Impact of Robert Dale Owen on the Pocahontas Myth
Jessica Powers
Representations of Pocahontas in Hanay Geiogamah's Foghorn
Joe Reutiman
The Forgotten Kidnapping: The Transformation of the Pocahontas Captivity Story
Carly Scheer
Paula Gunn Allen's "Sendings" from Pocahontas: Engaging with an Unusual Reality
Jacklyn Temares
Custalow's Pocahontas: A Very Different Take on the Classic Tale
Genevieve Wachutka
Myth Making: Appropriation of Pocahontas in Hart Crane's The Bridge
Crystal Williams
Old Stories, New Secrets, and the Birth of History's Artistic License: Malick's The New World