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Jamestown Rediscovery Archaeological Project
Excavations at Jamestown Island began in 1994, and archaeologists have rediscovered much of the fortification and have recovered over a million artifacts.
Literature of Justification: Jamestown
An ongoing project by students at Lehigh University that takes as its provocative starting point the "gigantic question" that Washington Irving asks in his 1809 History of New York: "What right had the first discoverers of America to land, and take possession of a country, without asking the consent of its inhabitants, or yielding them an adequate compensation for their territory?"
Reel American History: The New World (2005)
Ongoing related project by students at Lehigh University on Terrence Malik's film starring Colin Farrell and Q'Orianka Kilcher has, among other resources for study, a dozen shortish scene analyses and a dozen longer issue essays.
Virtual Jamestown
A digital research, teaching, and learning project that explores the legacies of the Jamestown settlement and "the Virginia experiment."
Werowocomoco Research Project
The village of Werowocomoco was the residence of the Virginia Algonquin chief Powhatan and the political center of the Powhatan chiefdom during the early 1600s. The Werowocomoco Research Group is studying the history and physical remains of the site.